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Thread: Comet Strike

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    Comet Strike

    Name: Comet Strike
    Circles: Water / Summoning
    Description: Summon a frozen ball of ice in the sky above, letting it fall to the ground where it not only crushes anyone in it's landing zone, but also shatters into a thousand shards of razor ice, shredding anyone around the impact site.

    Big icy boom. This would normally be Destruction, what does everyone else think?

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    Summoning is fine. It's a little different, so cool with me +1
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    Summoning something that then lands on people sounds like a perfectly fair use of summoning to me. (But then, i made this spell, so of course it does)

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    I'd like to propose a tiny change to this.

    Tactical AoE: a frozen comet strikes target tile sending earth and razor sharp ice flying everywhere. Units in target and adjacent squares suffer a mix of bludgeoning and slashing damage. Terrain within 5 squares is covered with rubble, frost and chunks of ice from fallen comet slowing down movement of any units that try to pass through it.

    Note: I was actually thinking this as overland strategical spell but hey it works here too! Maybe it can be both?

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    A strategic version should be a separate spell from mine, specially if it's as powerful as the version you just made.

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