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Thread: A Second Kickstarter?!?!?

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    A Second Kickstarter?!?!?

    Yes, guys, we've decided we're going to run a second Kickstarter campaign. We SINCERELY hope this doesn't leave anyone feeling disenfranchised (as they say) and we don't want any hard feelings or dissatisfaction. We haven't put this to a vote because we feel that this is best for Worlds of Magic. As much as we appreciate and value your creative feedback there are times when we have to make unilateral “executive” decisions. This is one of those times. I hope that the following explanation will not only eliminate any hard feelings that may exist, but even convince any doubting Thomases out there that this is a good move.

    So, why have we decided to do this? Worlds of Magic started out as a big project. We were trying to follow in the footsteps of a true master, that it to say Master of Magic. From the very beginning we had big shoes to fill. However, as the project has moved forward it's grown a lot. Not only conceptually, but artistically. I think most (if not all) of you will agree that the visual appeal of the game has increased a great deal since we first unveiled WoM to the public. This has taken a great deal of work and resources, but it's been worth it. Now, you might feel that the artwork has no effect on you that you're only interesting in how the game plays. Well, the fact is, like it or not, the look of the game effects EVERYONE.

    How does the art effect you? In WoM's sales numbers of course! If you've been keeping up with these forums you know we have a LOT planned for WoM. We have some great ideas that I personally want to see happen. In order to make them happen (or at least to speed them up) we need to see strong initial and continual sales. In today's market that means good graphics. You don't have to like that fact, but I don't think many of you will deny it.

    So, we have to produce high quality graphics (much higher than we originally planned) in order to set WoM on a foundation where we can continue to add more and more content and expansions to it. In order to do that we could use more funding. In addition, we still want to get even more into the initial release of the game. We would love for the game to come with a number of editors that would allow you to easily change a huge number of elements. Depending on how much we raise we may be able to add more races, heroes, wandering monster, etc, (stretch goals our first campaign didn't manage to reach). All this is going to require additional funding.

    Now, there are several ways we could get more funding (and we're not relying on a second KS exclusively), but Kickstarter offers some genuine advantages. First and foremost it offers free publicity. There are tens of thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) of KS members who never noticed our first campaign. It's also a group of people who are already somewhat socially connected. As we're not just looking to raise more funds, but also to build our community, this makes KS a perfect platform. We will be keeping the PayPal store open and whatever it raises will be stacked with the KS pledges in our attempt to hit stretch goals. In addition we're looking at several other funding options open to us.

    The fact is that our small team now numbers over 10 and we're actually considering bringing on some additional art staff soon. We want to get WoM to you quickly, but we want to get it to you as the game we all want. You can see from the screenshots that we've put the money we already raised to good use. Soon you'll be able to do more than just see it. We are working VERY hard to get a playable version of the Battle Board into your hands. We want to use it during the second KS campaign, but we want to put it in your hands first. After all, that's only fair

    The main point I want you all to walk away with is that whatever comes out of all this is going to benefit the entire community. That includes our current “Veteran Backers” and well as the new recruits. We hope that you all understand that this is an attempt to make a better game for EVERYONE.

    Now, on a final note: If you want to back us again in this new campaign (and I know some of you do, because you've PMed me about future backing options) there is great news! Any multiple pledges from both KS campaigns and the PayPal store will be added together and you'll be able to pick rewards from either campaign. (This may not apply to rewards of limited quantities, but we'll do our best!)

    So, yes we're going to ask for more money. But be honest, aren't we offering more game? We're certainly trying to and that's the point of all this.

    Although we know some of you will doubt our methods, we hope that none of you doubt our motives.

    As always guys, THANKS!
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    SWEET! I was hoping you guys would do this! When will it start?
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    I am 0kay with this.
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    Sounds cool. Looking forward to it.

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    Um... are you actually allowed to do this, by the KS? I don't want them to cancel your project because of a silly bureaucracy mistake.

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    Sounds great, Aaron!

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    This is awesome! It is a great idea and I am looking forward to it! There has been quite a lot of progress, but there is still much to do. Thank-you for this update!

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    lescha, there were projects which attempted twice to the Kickstarter.

    Every project needs to be reviewed by the KS staff, if they will say no we are hoping they will tell us the reason also.

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    I was hoping you'd find a way to recruit new backers, but I had no idea you were going to start another Kickstarter to do that. Has that been done by anybody else before this? If it works, then why not!

    I just hope you guys haven't accepted too big of a challenge for your limited resources. I'd hate to see this project fail because you overreached yourselves. There's always the risk that the Kickstarter fails, and I don't want to see WOM ruined by that. But I trust you've already considered this worst case scenario.

    Good luck!

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    I'm happy to read this, the more the better. I only have a question; you are planning to hire more staff to the artistic department, what de you want to improve? the speed of the work, more details for the 3d environtment or something similar?.

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