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Thread: A Second Kickstarter?!?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doomtrader View Post
    lescha, there were projects which attempted twice to the Kickstarter.

    Every project needs to be reviewed by the KS staff, if they will say no we are hoping they will tell us the reason also.
    If there is a possible bureaucratic hurdle to overcome, might I suggest making the 2nd campaign have different rewards/goals than the first to give it a better chance of passing muster.

    It's unclear from your post whether or not these past double campaigns were allowed or not.

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    I only know about two games that comes back to Kickstarter, so that practice is allowed.

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    We actually have several funding options open to us. Kickstarter is only one. We plan to use basically all of our options to one level or another. And we have several tentative plans depending on how successful each of these funding methods is. This is mainly about "speed and quantity" as opposed to necessity. We are making Worlds of Magic. It's too awesome a game not to make, lol. However, if we don't get more funding our options may be "cut back" or "slow down" and we don't want to do either. Even if we had to "cut back" however (and I'm mainly talking art resources here) all the backers would still get our vision as reached by our first kickstarter. If, for instance (and I'm not saying this is going to happen at all), we had to push one of the release races to DLC all our backers would get the DLC for free up until we had fulfilled our 8 race obligation.

    This is about getting more in before our deadline and keeping the wheels of progress turning. We hope to open the next KS trying to reach $1.00 (or whatever the minimum is, if there is one) because we are making this game. It's not about that. It's about more. The more we raise the more we can do. And, of course, the more people can get in on all this.

    We actually won't be the first KS project that's gone back for more. Some have even failed to reach their first goal after a successfully funded project and have gone back to get more to finish the job. We're not breaking new ground here and we don't feel Kickstarter is going to have any issue with it. We will, of course, keep you posted
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    Please make sure to be very clear *in the new kickstarter* about
    * Why you run a second kickstarter for the same project - why the money isn't enough (it is about half more than you originally requested)
    * What the new kickstarter exactly means for the project - release date, scope at release, possibly further additions for backers later
    * What, if any, difference there will be between backer of the first, the second, or even both kickstarters.
    * How backers of the first KS can get access to goodies from second without fully backing again
    ... and you should probably make that info available on the backer forums early, continuing with what you have started here. Please make a locked, stickied announcement thread for it.

    If at all possible for you, you should probably run the new KS in US Dollar - those tend to have a much easier time.

    I hope you wait for the playable Alpha before you start the new KS. Running code gives the pitch a much better backing than any number of other media. I'd actually recommend to wait until after the first round of feedback so that you can already get a first round of fixes into the version you offer on the KS.

    Seeing the suggestion of a $1 kickstarter posted while I wrote: I'd recommend against that, it would feel like cheating the idea of kickstarter to me.

    Please make up a sizable goal, e.g. "art for 2 races and 2 terrain types" and go for that - something like $5000-$10000 to look significant compared to the money you already have.
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    We are going to try to be as informative as possible and explain exactly what we're planing to do and why.

    We do plan to run it in US dollars this time.

    We also plan to wait at least until the Battle Board is playable. And it would be a good idea to give you guys time to give us feedback

    We don't feel that a low funding level cheats the idea of Kickstarter because we've already been "Kickstarted" as it were. This is about finishing the game the way we want to, not about getting the funding just to make a game. However, the idea that we should set it at a level that would cover our next quantifiable goal is worth considering. It may look more legitimate to people coming in from the outside.
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    Great stuff! Looking foward to backing some more... I think a goal should be set, as already mentioned, just seems the right way to go to me anyway.
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    Personally, and I know you all have been waiting with baited breath to know what I think, I don't have any problems with a 2nd Kickstarter particularly if we all end up with a game that matches my vague, rose-colored, memories of MoM. Ok, the memories aren't completely rose-colored, I seem to remember that the game would crash my computer in a heart beat so as much as I loved the game play, it was tempered with some frustration. In particular, I remember a ruin full of wights, I really wanted to get in there an crush those wights (great xp and, presumably, treasure) but every single time I clicked on it, crash, very annoying, heh.

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    but.. well.. i have two questions:
    what happens if the second kickstarter fails, for whatever reason?
    how much do these new ambitions delay the development and release of the game?

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    Cool! I like this idea a lot! I also like the idea of having it be in US dollars and letting us play with the Battle Board first.

    I'm sure that I will be buying an additional copy of this for someone else in my family and I will think about the rest!

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    If the second kickstarter fails it's probably going to upset the timetable a bit. (Then again, it might not.) The thing is, if it's successful we hope to be able to do even more in the given time. As I've said several times we have several funding options (including working with a larger publisher) and we are probably going to pursue all of them. It's just that we feel Kickstarter has the most to offer.

    If it does fail it's going to be less a matter of "OH! NO!!!" and more a matter of "Awww.... Man..." if you see what I mean.

    We don't intend to delay the release due to any new stretch goals (for one thing we can release stretch goal content as DLC if we have to). However, increasing the quality of our artistic vision has slowed us down. We hope to use the extra funding to catch back up. Still, if it's a choice between better graphics or sticking with our original release date we feel the improved graphics are worth the wait. The more mass appeal we can have (without sacrificing game play elements) the better it is for the game over its lifetime.

    I hope you see where we're coming from
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