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Thread: Non humanoid factions

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    Non humanoid factions

    anyone have idea for non humanoid races? Human, elves, dwarves boring to death? he is copy of post i made few day ago so if some one have idea just post it. first idea was is of course lovecraftian horrors for non humanoid.

    left parts with explanations for two abilities for normal units. (teleportation instead flying for very magical races as example here and concealments)

    Quote Originally Posted by Spellcaster View Post
    for flying why not add race whose special ability is teleport similar to draconians flying? to keep ability from being broken unless unit is some special summoned units (like unicorn, djin and great wyrm) this have reduction in range (like half map for example) and especially only allowed few time to teleport in combat like once in most reduced version of ability. not sure should should spells and artefact give full type (like tree units above from mom) or completely reduced reserved for this units (half reduced and its one time trick)

    it allow fast movement to get to archers/mages/closest melle units, but since its used once thay cant escape later and are still atacckable by melle troops if close enough unlike flying units.

    for comments on too many humanoid races then design this one as from lowest units some armored cat/dog like unit as for example axhound from way of kings (scout, basic melle unit,, "archers" that trow lightning, poisonous spikes, short range shouting (sonic attack, ignore armor or give stronger damage depending on armor, attack all units in line) or some other exotic ranged attack not sure how it would look except non humanoid, especialy since mage units and other elite troops could look like something from Lovecraft's horror novels for example. some shapes with possible special ability could be mage being black flesh mass full of bright shiny spheres (in original mom it could make battle count like its fought at fortress so no special increase of cost of spell), translucent orb with tentacles that steals enchantments to heal itself and or use them or get mana from it to give it to mages troops/heroes in long combat, anithing else from someone with better imagination.

    hmm, problem of some overpowerd ability is offset by price but they shouldn't need them in too big number too worry about it, more problem to me is its home should be some magical plane like magical plane from mom or age of wonders shadow magic, but new kinds of plains and this race are excellent for dlc/expansion.


    and maybe for elves and some other races and few versions of concealment ability that allow units to hide on strategic map but not combat level if on right terrain like forest. it could be gained from spells and artifacts (especially cloaks for example).

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    I like the classical ones like elfs, barbarians, undead, orcs and dwarfs. More bored by games turning upside down on everything and making charmless new races. But I'm open for a newcomer or two.

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    We will have Insectoids which will not be humanoid. What others might you suggest?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy_Costisick View Post
    We will have Insectoids which will not be humanoid. What others might you suggest?
    I think that will do, and insectoids will work. Not a fan of panda soldiers or rats in uniform.... If I had to suggest something I'd say something like the swamp faction in HoMM III (forgot their name).

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    'Generic Monsters stuffed together as one faction' isn't something I see working in this game.

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