checking some d&d books and played newerwinter night 2 somewhat and stumbled on warlock class. what about having spell "magical pact/shape soul/infuse magic" that allow player mage to gift some offscreen trusted minion/servant supernatural ability of warlock instead of only demon and in d&d 4 sources of magic are demons, eldrich abominations from space and Fair folks being able to give magical ability? is players wizard powerful enough in middle of game after enough research?

eldrich blast isn't necessarily blast of dark energy but of some supernatural magical one. player made warlock could have different ability from normal ones (wandering heroes) maybe even depending on players current knowledge of spell circles.

Problems in idea are:

-but to most important problem first or whole thread is wortless. most serious problem is that class is not in d20 but thematicly arent sorceror using inate magical ability (in some one they could be mechanicly wrong made warlock depending how one translate its description, it use inate ability, but mechanicly similar as wizard but have problem learning spell but can cast more) similar to warlock. diffrence being mechanic of how they use magic and thematicly that warlock acestors or he made deal with devil, faire, eldrich abominations from spece (depending on edition) for ability to use magic?

-what ability is hero going to have to differente from normal warlock? especially if there is voted to include arcane circle of magic then why would tematicly life wizard make them? what ability would warlock gain from life, fire, nature, mentalist, death... wizard?

-to easy access to heroes? but mom had spell summon hero/champion with greater pool of set heroes, while this could be in practice call heroes of only 1 class (like call mage/fighter/rogue/cleric), why would this spell be separete from 2 spell above? how to make him diffrent from usual magic heroes? as i understand warlock had limited set of magical abilities/"spells"/incantations and magical attack all with at will unlimited use, while wizards learn spells easier and have better choice of them but can cast limited amout till 8 hour rest or here having limited amouth of mana to use only recharged after combat, possibly in combat by spells that steal mana or use mana resorce of player or potions to recharge own mana pool

-need new class name for thematic reason, but warlocks mechanics are origin of this class.

hmm in elemental players is leader specifically because he is only one able to use magic, but can if i remember correctly lower one own atribute to give it to normal hero and make him able to use magic (i guess that is definition of warlock here i look, normal muggle who gained magic from some source not from study or inate ability, accualy his ability for magic is inate but didnt have it originaly) and not sure but players children from marrige? there was i think tech for marrige in diplomacy related research but havent played game much for bugs and other problems.

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hmm spell itself is this part of forum, but rest of post is units part so. posted in wrong part i guess?

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target of spell is city that decide race of warlock?

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checked little more of abilities, and they look interesting as magicians bodyguard, enforcers, assassins or maybe customizable "weapon platform" story wise and somewhat as gameplay.

they seems to have somewhat powerfull abilities in in d&d 3.5 always usable but very low max number of this spell like invocations as well as more limited choice of them unlike wizards. seem like special type of wizard with more powerful abilities but more specialized compared to other wizards types like sorcerer.

story wise players wizard can give great magical power but more limited one in case they rebel. abilities in some cases could need rename since for some source is human/elf/mortal wizard who can provide different additional choices of invocatios depending on his spell circles.

in case they are used, problem could be they have somewhat smaller "spell-book" to choose from and its removed from standard spells.

any opinion of is it allowed for use and interest?