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Thread: Aura of Majesty

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    Aura of Majesty

    Name: Aura of Majesty
    Circles: ? / Mentalism
    Description: Improves diplomatic relations with all other Lords by +1 each turn.

    The MoM Aura of Majesty spell.

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    This is one of the few spells my enemy wizards would cast in MoM. If diplomacy players a bigger role in WoM than it did in MoM, i'd actually vote no against this spell. This makes it too easy to improve relations, IMO.
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    Well, balancing can always be done tweaking the numbers, such as upkeep cost, casting cost, and speed at which relation is gained.

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    +1 to this spell. Even if playtesting limits it's efficacy (such as only improving your relations to "friendly" status).

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