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Thread: Great Unsummoning

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    Great Unsummoning

    Name: Great Unsummoning
    Circles: ? / ?
    Description: All summoned units on target plane must make a Will? save at -2? or be banished.

    Here's the spell that makes it imperative to bolster your summons' saving throws if you're a summoner.

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    +1 for me, I would say "destruction" or "summoning" for the effect circle, but I'm not sure this one should have an elemental circle.

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    Definitely Summoning. Alternate description could be that you target a specific elemental plane and it "recalls" (unsummons) any of that elemental that exists on any plane.

    Ex. Cast on the elemental plane of fire, and all fire-based summons (efreet, fire elementals, etc) would be unsummoned from all planes other than the Fire plane. (Units would disappear, having been 'unsummoned').

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