Downloaded now the latest and played a bit.
Impressive, you are obviously doing some mighty good work.
Here are the negative points:
* The music - I hope it does not remain this constant melodious melody throughout the whole game. It's quite wrong for the battlefield.
* Zoom works fine, but rotation is done only around some arbitrary point, and I didn't see how to move the battlefield around. This means that I cannot look at it from any angle. Thus, rotation plus zoom brings most of the field out of scope, but since I cannot move horizontally, I must unzoom to see more units.
* Floating numbers. Lots of them floating around but not quite clear what they mean - especially when it's enemy's turn. In MoM, it was quite clear which unit moves now and attacks and who does it attack. In your battlefield it's maybe more realistic but more difficult to follow.

Keep going, you'll get there.