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Thread: Alpha Battle Board - Feedback

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    A auto move button is needed.

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    I'm sure we'll get an auto and/or quick resolve button eventually.
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    [4.22] First Impression

    • I like how when moving units, one figure usually leads the charge.
    • I picked random armies, both sides got humans... (this bullet for info)
    • On turn 3 the AI could cast 2 spells.
    • Yay for moving the camera with click-drag of the middle button.
    • Would like to have some indication of units with moves/actions left.

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    yes, there will be such feature in a full game, but at this point where we want people to play the game, I don't see a reason to implement this.

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    I noticed that the AI throw area affect spells that damage its own units.
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    There will be times when that happens (operation "pawn sacrifice"), but it will be kept to a minimum. The AI is not the most brilliant player at the moment, lol.
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    After experimenting with the Battle Board, I want to give the below feedback:

    End of turn didn't finish - this happened once, I never got the control back to my side after the end of the AI's turn.
    Selecting spell target also moved unit - this happened several times.
    Units too similar from the distance - If I want to have a strategic view of the battle, I can't really differentiate between the units. Human units are quite different, but orc and goblin units look too similar. In Master of Magic one unit was around 10-15 pixels (I guess), still it was easy to see the difference. From more recent games, I think Disciples 2 had the best small unit designs (I don't talk about the battles, as there the units were fairly big, I talk about the maps), where you could easily differnciate the units on the map, although the resolution was "only" 800*600 - and the units still looked great from an art standpoint as well. Actually, if we look only at arts, Disciples 2 was far the most beautiful fantasy strategy game in the last 10 years or so, so it could be a good inspiration.
    Unit path is not optimal, one square extra going arond a stone - on the stony level there was an obstacle, a stone I needed my unit to go around. But instead of going exactly next to the stone, the unit moved around it as if it would have been two squares big.

    Thanks for you efforts, keep up the good work!

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    When the End of Turn did not complete do you know what units the enemy had?

    We're going to have look into the "small units" issue. You should be able to tell one from another at a glance.

    The path in not optimal yet. We're working on it
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    We have the new version (4.44) up.

    Web Version

    Stand Alone Version
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    * I don't like the "Miss" graphics showing up over the attacker. It's confusing and not easily visible, if at all, on ranged attacks especially when you're zoomed in on the enemy after having selected your unit.
    * Is Acid Arrow coded in properly? Not a big deal, but it only did 3 normal damage to a Goblin Shaman.
    * The camera should automatically re-center on enemy units that move or attack.
    * Dehydrate didn't do anything - all units saved - is it an all-or-nothing spell?
    * Yay for it finally giving a You Won screen.
    * I think units should have Action Points instead of Move Points and 2 attacks. Moving full range and having all your attacks that round make it very easy to cheese an AI.

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