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Thread: Alpha Battle Board Version 4.45

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    Alpha Battle Board Version 4.45

    Another day, another build. Feel free to take a look. As usual the web version has been updated and there is a new stand alone version. Both have a number of bug fixes and additional features.

    Web Version

    Stand Alone Version

    As always we need feedback.
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    A few more comments (not sure where to sort them) :

    1. When you click again on the spell book after having already cast a spell, it should still open (so you can review available spells, their cost, ... to fine tune your strategy) but not allow casting.

    2. There should be a stronger visual difference between "ally" and "ennemy" units.

    3. Ranged units should have some penalty when forced to fight melee, there didn't seem to be any.

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    Thanks for the feedback kilobug
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    I find it difficult to see what is new between these versions. I believe you should post full patch note history OR patch changes history OR even only a summary of new features. In my opinion, that would help us, the backers to quickly see what is fixed and what features are new or changed.

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    We plan to release patch notes from now on.
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    One suggestion
    When a unit has finish his turn (attack twice or no movement point), there should be an auto-switch to next unit (maybe the closest unit).
    it would accelerate the pace of the fight

    Other thing:
    when you right click on a unit, a window is opening giving the stats. If you left click the unit (or another enemy unit) without having closed the window, the attack is done. I think, disabling any attack click on the map when the window is open, could avoid some unwanted attack.
    When the window is open, you should only change the unit you are viewing, not attack it (I hope I was clear...)

    (I used the web version)
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    I like both of those suggestions.
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    Any new version coming soon?

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    We have planned to prepare new build tomorrow, but unfortunatelly Darek is pretty sick so hopefully we will try to wrap in on Friday

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    How can you tell if a unit has an attack left?
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