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Thread: Release Candidate 2.0

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    Release Candidate 2.0

    OK guys, we've done some work and squished some bugs. You can get the new build here:

    We're hoping that this version is public ready. Just let us know what you run into

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    • At some angles it is really easy to think you're clicking on an enemy when the game registers your click on an empty tile and you move instead of attack and get an AOO against you.
    • When a unit is moving there should be a way to skip the animation, maybe another LMB click.

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    I played through the whole story with this version 10_25_21_30 (RC2). Here are the bugs I encountered and some suggestions for you:

    When a unit is in the process of moving to its destination, clicking on the spellbook will cause the movement sound effect to continue playing continuously. In addition, you can no longer take any further actions as the game still thinks it is waiting for the unit to finish it's move.

    Similar to above, clicking on the spellbook while a unit death animation is playing interrupts the animation. It does not always prevent you from taking further action, but it was odd to see my dead fire elemental still partially in existence as his death animation never finished. In other cases this can also cause you to not be able to take any further action.

    In the second story map, unit placement need some work. The units act as though they are still sitting on a horizontal plane when they are instead standing on a slope. This in effect leads to half their body at times being submerged underground. In other cases they appear to be levitating above the ground.

    In the second story map, the camera responds very strangely. I was trying to manipulate it for a good close up around the center of the battle map and it was impossible to do. This leads to me a suggestion, can we have a button to reset the 3D camera back to its original starting position? Once I had the camera in a bad spot (full zoom into the terrain that wouldn't un-zoom), I had a very hard time getting it into a decent one again.

    Reflect damage is very powerful in the right situations currently. Balance can come later, but it is worth noting. I used reflect damage to do 169 damage to the Drake in the last scenario. He killed himself hitting my enchanted pikemen and failing his save. The spell is too low cost for such an awesome effect. Perhaps it should reflect a % of the damage instead, with a higher % dependent on save?

    The spellbook no longer fades out once a spell has been cast that round.

    Typo in the Combat Log - "MISSED CRITCAL HIT..."

    Suggestion: The combat log is filling up too quickly. I think some lines should be combined. For instance, place the HIT/CRITICAL HIT/MISS etc. lines into the same line as the attack/counterattack rolls. Perhaps add a --- MISS, --- HIT or something similar to the end of the line. As it stands now one long attack/counterattack sequence is enough to use up the entire combat log and then some.

    Suggestion: Add an scroll bar to the combat og to see prior entries.

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    Again guys, thanks for the feedback!
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    Dear team, I did the story mode, and would have the following feedback:

    - Units look better in the traditional MoM view then in the flexible camera view
    - Units should never be covered by terrain or trees
    - I know it's in a later stage, but battles take too long; it would be great to halve the length of battles. Some of my proposals:

    - Dying animation too slow, could be faster
    - Arrows fly slow
    - Units move slow for such a big battlefield and so many units involved
    - Damage indicator appears much later then battle animation

    I like that the battles didn't get longer with progress. This means that the increasing powers also lead to increasing battle speed which balances out the larger armies

    First battle: 8 minutes
    Second battle: 10 minutes
    Third battle: 7 minutes
    Fourth battle: 5 minutes

    As mentioned, it would be great to reduce battle lenghts by 50% (or more).
    Maybe a bit less health for every creature would also help, but that may disrupt balance.

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    We've gotten a lot of feedback about the battle speed. We will add ways to speed it up in time
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    Aaron please leave an option to keep things slow in battles, not everyone wants super fast animation etc.

    Definitely -1 to reducing health etc

    Many 4x games have a speedy option or two, as well as full battle mode.

    I think WASD map movement would be a boon.
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    +1 zsdead.

    There are enough clickfests out there....a considered battle is good for me too
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    Hey, it's me again. Still no luck.
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: WOM_2013_10_25_21_30.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 51eaa17b
    Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll
    Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.18229
    Fault Module Timestamp: 51fb1072
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 000222d2
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 09cc
    Additional Information 2: 09cc27fa9098fbda61c6f13e734c6171
    Additional Information 3: b5a4
    Additional Information 4: b5a424e417577968b2521c14e25b4457

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    Thank You! I think the feel of the battle is very near to MoM, which is great. I think some misunderstood my feedback, so just to be clear: I like the complexity of the battle, and I don't want to change that. I'm just thinking about having 5-6 such battles per turn, and also about the need of managing economy/research of my empire. That's why the speed up is needed: I don't have 8 hours a day to play a game, however great it may be. A good combination of complexity and speed is the key here, and I think MoM did a great job in this perspective.

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