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Thread: Fury of Volcanoes

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    Fury of Volcanoes

    Name: Fury of Volcanoes
    Circles: Fire / Destruction
    Description: every time an enemy unit comes in a tile adjacent to a volcano, within your domain, it suffers minor fire damage.

    Its OK as is, I like it better if it's truly global.

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    Just how common are volcanoes? For all the trouble to cast this thing, I better get something more than some minor fire damage from an obstacle that is easy to avoid. This spell seems super weak and super narrow.
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    -1 from me for the reasons Troy said.

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    Well, It depends wether there will be a "Raise volcano" spell, just like the old chaos spell. Therefore positioning volcanos can be both an offensive way of corrupting enemy terrain and using them in your defense.

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    The spell would be quite meaningful if it worked on mountains inside your domain rather than volcanoes.(Sort of turning mountains into "hell mountains"(or mini volcanoes if you will)). Mountains are plentiful, after all, but can also be evaded most of the time(unless a city is right on a mountain range). Thus, it serves both as a deterrant(enemies must manouver their armies differently) and a defence(they'll take damage if they can't or won't do so).
    In addition to the above, it could ALSO have a similar(but more deadly) effect on volcanoes. Thus, mountains are plentiful and somewhat dangerous, volcanoes are rare but very dangerous.(perhaps spawning lava elementals or such as defences if enemies enter a volcano square).
    It would "Mordorify" your land, so to speak.
    Personally I like the spell much more if it affects only your own lands, and not the whole world.

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    +1 for a version affecting mountains as well

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