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Thread: Bountiful Ocean

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    Bountiful Ocean

    Name: Bountiful Ocean
    Circles: Water / Summoning
    Description: Doubles the the food and gold bonus from ocean, river and shore tiles. Each turn there is a small chance that whales or pearls spawn near any of your cities within sufficient range from ocean or shore that don't already have such resources.

    Note: this spell is pretty obviously a prosperity spell but focuses on elements that water provides and depends on water tiles. I think it's a good fit and inclusion of rivers and shores makes it more versatile.

    This spell would fit right in with the planned water focused DLC.
    I think the name needs a tweak since it affects more than just ocean.

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    Could be Bountiful Waters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beregar View Post
    Could be Bountiful Waters
    I like that. +1
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