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Thread: Untamed Wilds

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    Untamed Wilds

    Name: Untamed Wilds
    Circles: Earth / Augmentation
    Description: Forests, jungles and swamps start spreading slowly consuming all-non ocean terrain squares. All animal and earth units gain a bonus to their attack, defense and saves. Additionally wild game has a chance to spawn on any forest square near your city that doesn't already have one.

    Notes: I like large scale terraforming spells but this also makes earth units stronger and adds wild game to offset the food production you might lose from the loss of plains. Could be biomancy too.

    ATM I'm neutral on this spell. This spell clearly benefits some factions more than others.

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    I like it quite a bit, though I would suggest Biomancy over Augmentation.
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    I'd strip it down to just giving animals a boost, and changing it to Biomancy as suggested.

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    I like it as a top-tier spell, if your faction doesn't like it, just dispel it

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