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Thread: Lightning Surge

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    Lightning Surge

    Name: Lightning Surge
    Circles: Air / Destruction
    Description: A massive surge of lightning inflicts damage to target unit and has a small chance to disintegrate weaker units outright.

    I can go along with this spell. And maybe if we hit the stretch goal we won't have to pick and choose which lightning spells make it in the game.

    I would tie the insta-death chance to a resistance threshold. And a low one at that.

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    I can support this since it is both a damage and a save spell.
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    I'm not fond of instadeath, I would more say damage + save or be stunned.

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    Well we already have both stun and damage spells suggested for air. I'm trying to provide variety and there already exists insta death mechanics if you check the unit ability list so might as well include them in spells.

    One thing that I don't like about DnD is that there is tons of overlap. I see no point in having what amounts basically to lightning I, lightning II, lightning III. Another downside is that spells don't scale well. You would never cast some spells on higher level because they are useless. WoM has the benefit that it can tweak the mana costs and add scaling sliders. I still don't think most people would cast a single target stun if they can cast a single target stun with damage or if the cost difference is huge they would cast the stun and skip the stun with damage.

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    +1 for Beregar

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