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Thread: Cloud of Embers

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    Cloud of Embers

    Name: Cloud of Embers
    Circles: Fire / Summoning
    Description: Large AoE: cloud of burning smoke and embers inflicts fire damage to any unit that ends their turn within it. All units within the cloud have penalty to hit as do all attacks targeting units within the cloud. The cloud persists for multiple turns.

    Note: battlefield control. Not as damaging as lava font but more controlled, larger and has more utility. Lasts shorter time though. Fire already has fireball and flame strike for direct damage. It needs a few controls and debuffs as well thus lava font and this. Plus fire could use a combat summon that is not an unit.

    I would say the small damage is first turn only, then the smoke persists and interferes with both to-hit and dodge.

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    I like the idea, but I fear that if it does damage directly when you cast it, it'll be very powerful, just cast it on the oponent's archers, and they nearly all die. Maybe the cloud could start small (like a fireball) but then expand on round 2 ?

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    +1 for expanding cloud. I prefer it not to be instant damage because it competes with blistering radiance and flash freeze then. I tried to have a group of similar battlefield control spells without them being clones of each other. Damage numbers are subject to balancing.

    I prefer using terms minor, low, moderate, high and massive as descriptors. For example cloud of embers would be minor damage as it is very large AoE cloud that does damage over time. Its primary effect is the smoke cloud and fire damage is just extra incentive to move. Blistering radiance on the other hand is very small AoE and in life sphere so it does its damage component only to target square. This makes it moderate damage against living opponents and high against unhallowed. Flash freeze would be moderate damage with a short rooting component as it's instant spell.

    Blistering Radiance (life/biomancy): Small AoE. Orb of heat and light blinds and does moderate damage over time to units in target square. Also blinds enemies in adjacent squares and does extra damage to undead.

    Cloud of Embers (fire/summoning): Large AoE cloud spreads over target area. Does minor damage over time and essentially blinds all units within while providing cover as well.

    Flash Freeze (water/biomancy): Medium AoE. units in affected area must succeed in a fortitude save or they are immobilized for a single round. The spell also inflicts instant moderate cold damage with save halving the damage.
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