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Thread: Blistering Radiance

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    Blistering Radiance

    Name: Blistering Radiance
    Circles: Life / Biomancy
    Description: Small AoE: Orb of blistering heat and light covers target square until end of encounter. All units within the orb are blinded and suffer moderate fire damage. All units in adjacent squares have a penalty to their hit but do not take any damage. Unhallowed units in the area take extra damage from the positive energy infused within the orb.

    Notes: Original was too similar to unbearable light and I noticed life kind of lacks damage spell suggestions. At the same time I didn't want this to be a complete cloud of embers clone.

    Couple of notes, Fire and Positive have been shot down before, so just nix the Fire.
    Just call the effect Blind.

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    Good enough to get a +1 from me.
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    +1 for blind.

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