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Thread: Flash Freeze

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    Flash Freeze

    Name: Flash Freeze
    Circles: Water / Biomancy
    Description: Medium AoE: units in affected area must succeed in a fortitude save or they are immobilized for a single round. The spell also inflicts instant moderate cold damage.

    Notes: I wanted water to have more damage spells but at the same time I just didn't want to repeat ice storm (pure instant destruction). This spell roots melee units for a single turn giving you more time to prepare for counterattack. Originally it had debuff effect from "shivers" but I'll move that to another spell.

    An AoE freeze spell...

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    Sounds a bit too much like electricity spell that inflicts damage and then you save or are stunned for a round... maybe we should change the effect, like, damage + save or be slowed for 2 rounds instead of immobilized ?

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    Depends on what type of controls and debuffs we have. Generally speaking games usually have:

    stun = do nothing
    immobilize/root = only ranged attacks
    slow = slow novement

    I am going over the tactical spell list and noticed there is already battlefield level damage + slow for water. I'm afraid people would just cast this instead of that since it seems to affect all units. The slow on this would have to last for a single round in which case might as well cast ice storm for more damage - or that's how I see it.

    Air has a few slows (daze, mass daze) and a stun. Earth has earth to mud and entangle which I believe are a slow and a root too.
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