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Thread: Spells Countering Other Spells

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    Spells Countering Other Spells

    I'm not familiar with the D20 rules so forgive me if this is already covered. In most game I never see spells affect other spells. For example, if a rain spell was cast, I would think it would diminish any of the fire based spells. Or if a heat wave spell was cast then Ice spells would be less effective. Will the spells in this game interact with each other?
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    I like counter spells, and I think Spell Blast and Count Magic have already been discussed. I don't know if they will make it in or not, but I hope they do.

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    I don't think Spell Blast and Counter Magic are the types of countering OP means. (I hope those get in too.) They're really just 'dispel magic'.

    Having spells actually affect each other (a water spell diminishing the effects of fire spells) could make sense. I'm not a fan of the idea in WoM. I think it'll be difficult enough to balance 300+ spells without having to take into account how each spell could affect the others.

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