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Thread: Falling Stars

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    Falling Stars

    Name: Falling Stars
    Circles: Life / Summoning
    Description: Each turn there's a chance that a "star" falls to a random unoccupied map tile. The falling star turns out to be a feature from following list:

    1. celestial proxy (i.e. angel)
    2. eldritch horror from beyond the stars (okay, just an imprisoned demon)
    3. starmetal (i.e. iron, mithril or admantine)
    4. gems
    5. mana crystals
    6. magic item
    7. ancient temple (it got planeshifted!)
    8. legendary hero Kal-El

    Notes: I think ore, gems, and mana crystals have to be veins unless they can also exist as free floating resources?

    Due to the chaotic nature of the effect a case can be made for Fire instead of Life.

    I think creating new veins in this manner is quite OP, even if it is random.

    Superman, really?

    So the Angel and Demon, are they neutral?

    The magic item would probably have to be in a monster lair - again with the lack of free floating.

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    Actually, I think this spell is great! It's totally random, so it could hurt you as much as help you. But wow, look at all the cool stuff it does. +1
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    Quote Originally Posted by ampoliros View Post
    I think creating new veins in this manner is quite OP, even if it is random.
    That depends. There are multiple chances already:
    1. chance for "star" to fall
    2. chance for it to be ore
    3. chance for it to be specific type of ore

    The chances need not to be equal. There might be only 10% chance for a "star" to fall (1 in 10 turns) and 5% chance to be ore. There might be even a chance for the "star" to be a dud.

    Superman, really?
    One of the references found. Any other takers?

    Also about angel or demon. Neutral with a chance to be recruitable.

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    I like the randomness nature of determining the outcome, but choosing the random map tile makes this spell almost useless. How can you predict that the star will fall somewhere that benefits (or hurts) you, not the enemy? I think this is just a "lottery" spell and therefore will be rarely used (unless you have tons of mana and don't know what to do with it)

    I think that you should choose the map tile and wait for a random effect to occur. Probably, adding a "falloff", so that it may affect adjacent tiles.
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