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Thread: Concentrated Fire

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    Concentrated Fire

    Name: Concentrated Fire
    Circles: Air / Destruction
    Description: All ranged units you control that still have enough MP to perform an attack open fire simultaneously towards the designated target. They receive a +1 to hit and damage bonus for everyone two units doing so.

    Notes: the "how to kill a dragon with a bunch of archers" spell

    I like it. Hopefully the game engine can handle it.

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    Like for any spells, the numerical parameters (+1 every two units) can be adjusted for game balance/play testing.

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    And it should exhaust their MP for the turn.
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    I like this idea a lot. +10

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    I am confused, why concentrated fire is considered "magic" rather than an ability a trained unit can perform? Breaks the common sence for me. From a gameplay standpoint yes, clever idea and it could expand tactics somewhat. But game is not only numbers and combinations, it must follow common sence and logic of the setting. Otherwise it is just a collection of rules.

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