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Thread: Demo Feedback

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    Demo Feedback

    Sorry, I checked through the stickies and recent posts, and found no topic on this. Apologies if it exists.

    I got halfway through the first battle in the demo and now, no matter what I click on, nothing happens. It isn't frozen, because I can right click on units to get their info, and go through the spell menu, but I can't take a single action, including ending my turn.

    My feedback is to not release this to the public yet for a few reasons. I opened this demo with a favorable bias towards the whole project and it is off-putting. I doubt someone with little to no knowledge of the game will react favorably after seeing it. Anyway, here are some suggestions for making it more noob friendly.

    1) Gray out the buttons that can't be used. I have a feeling that opening the spellbook caused the demo to cease functioning.
    2) Make a smaller battle board for the demo. I understand the desire for that size board for the actual game, but here it makes the action take up so little of the available viewing space.
    3) Bug test it more so that people seeing it for the first time don't get stuck. (Just checked, I was able to use the Exit to Windows button).

    Good luck. I'm excited for this project's success, but I don't think releasing the demo as it is would contribute.

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    Kenbutsu, we do have a thread for the feedback. It's here:


    And the reason we released it to you backers was to get just this kind of feedback. It is far easier to find bugs when you have hundreds of people tinkering with a new build. We are chasing the lock-up bug now. I think we have a lead. We could really use more lock-up reports. The more data we gather the more quickly we should be able to track it down.

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