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Thread: Release Candidate 2.0

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    I think "speed sliders" for the animations is going to be a big help. Also, the arrows do fly too slowly. We need to speed them up a bit

    chirpis, please shoot me a PM with your system specs. I'll see what we can figure out. Sorry about the trouble!
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    Quote Originally Posted by aReclusiveMind View Post
    When a unit is in the process of moving to its destination, clicking on the spellbook will cause the movement sound effect to continue playing continuously. In addition, you can no longer take any further actions as the game still thinks it is waiting for the unit to finish it's move.
    Happened to me too, no need reporting it though since you already did

    I had some other minor issues though:

    On the new mountain area map, textures/shape are getting a bit messed up. Simply start the map, hold down right mouse button and move the mouse left (without changing the angle heightwise). Look at the slope textures/shape in the left corner while you are moving the mouse, they keep changing.

    Also, when running arena on this map I get a start view largely covered by a stump and some ground near the camera.

    I like the fact that you can quickly fire off a bunch of ranged attacks by clicking a unit then clicking the enemy unit to attack then repeating with other units while the attack animation is being carried out. However, you have obviously removed the option of doing the same for moving units around which is a shame I think. Except for the bugs I noticed in the beta versions I found it very comfortable to be able to move units around without waiting for animations. This can be partially solved by increasing the movement speed (as suggested by others).

    Also, I am glad to finally have mouse cursors to match the actions that will be taken. However, they are currently lying a bit since there is no movement memory for players units: if I click a map square far away it will indicate I can move there. However, it stops after a few steps and next turn it does not remember where it was going. This can be okay maybe, but it is worse if you have a melee attack icon and end up with your troop moving forward to stand next to the enemy but unable to attack so it would be good to have something like a greyed out icon (or crossed over icon) to indicate that the action will not be taken or the map square will not be reached.

    My catapult just received 84 damage from a single crossbowman attack, log said it was vulnerable to piercing. Doesn't feel quite right somehow since my archers and crossbowmen seem virtually useless most of the time

    I like the heal icon for clerics special ability. However, if you click it two times the mouse cursor changes first to a magic wand and then back to a plain cursor, but the spell is still activated so clicking another unit next will heal it.

    When the view is zoomed and ranged attacks are used out it can be difficult to see which enemy unit is attacking which player unit and the damage number indicators above the units are not always quite in the right place. Is it possible to put some kind of frame around the map square of the attacking unit and around the defending unit for the duration of the attack? Just a simple red box frame around the square would be enough to make it more obvious I think.
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    This is showing a lot of promise, but I have to say it's not fun yet. Others have covered the issues with interacting with units, but more than that, the interface is simply not user friendly.

    The battleboard screen has plenty of space, but all spell actions are hidden behind multi-click workflows. Keyboard shortcuts are not yet implemented, making interaction somewhat frustrating.

    Also, alt-tabbing in and out of the application (to take screenshots) eventually resulted in a crash:
    *** glibc detected *** ./WOM_2013_10_25_21_30.exe: double free or corruption (!prev): 0xdc2d4708 ***

    I did some rough copy-paste mockups in gimp to illustrate some points:

    Current battlefield screen:

    It's big. It's empty. It's inaccessible. Also note that the 'Spellbook' tooltip popup has the text a little outside of the boundary box (font sizing miscalculation?).

    Proposed battlefield screen:

    The quick slots are now shown where they can be seen (and accessed "quick"ly). If there is only one unit ability per unit, perhaps map the current unit's ability permanently to '=' (the last quick slot) and separate it from the other quick slot icons by a few pixels. If a hero with a spellbook is selected, let '=' open the hero's spellbook. Hovering on a quick slot icon should show the full description, not just the name and cost. If a spell in a quick slot cannot be cast at the moment, it should be grayed out and unclickable (but still hoverable).

    Current spellbook:

    There is no explanatory text anywhere. The tooltips can be difficult to read (in the screenshot, the "Earth" tooltip blends confusingly with the "Close" button text) and show minimal context. It is not enough information for the user to decide whether they want to cast the spell. The beginner workflow is:
    1) hover over icons until you find the realm you want
    2) click on desired realm icon
    3) hover over spell icons until you find a potential spell to cast
    4) launch a browser, go to the wiki page for the spell, and read about it
    5) repeat 3 and 4 until you understand the listed spells
    6) click back
    7) click a new spell realm
    8) hover, read, etc.
    *) click on spell to cast

    Familiarity will eventually remove the lookup steps, but, including the click to open the spellbook, it is two clicks minimum to cast a quick spell, and three clicks minimum to cast a regular spell.

    Proposed spellbook:

    Quick slot icons have moved to the bottom of the screen, removing the the necessity of opening the spellbook to use them. You can drag spells directly to it like before. Realm icons move to the outer ring and have descriptive text next to them for quick identification. Click on a realm to display relevant spells. There is a new 'All' category as well, useful for spellbooks that have spells scattered across the realms. The last selected realm/category is saved for the next time the spellbook comes up. The selected realm is highlighted ("All" is selected by default if no previous choice has been made). Hover over the spells to highlight their icons and to display full descriptive text in the center area. the center shows the description for the last-hovered spell, even if the cursor is not hovering over anything. click on the spell icon to cast. prev/next buttons are still there, but back and close are gone to make space for the descriptive text. the center area may need to be enlarged to accommodate the descriptive text. The "back" button is no longer necessary due to the realm icons always being visible. close can be activated by pressing escape or clicking outside the spellbook area. perhaps we could add a small 'x' button in an upper corner too for additional discoverability. The layout may need a little experimentation. Perhaps move the text for the realm icons to the outside of the icons to reduce mouse mileage.

    Now it is one click to cast a quick spell and two (or three, if you need to change realms) clicks to cast a regular spell.
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    (sorry, had to create a 2-part post due to attachment limits)

    Current unit info panel:

    I liked the MoM style of showing statistics with repeated icons, e.g. if you have 25 hearts you have 25 hit points. 2 swords, melee strength of 2, a spell with 3 icons next to it can be cast 3 times in this battle, etc. It was endearing as a style and incredibly useful and informative. However, I also see how that doesn't really gel with the d20 combat mechanics (e.g. damage ranges) and WoM UI style. One thing that would be useful is showing the total health of the unit. Also, the unit name exceeds the panel boundary.

    Proposed unit info panel:

    Unit names that are too long are shrunk so they fit. Another option would be to split them up over more than one line, but that doesn't handle the case where a single word is longer than the panel width and would cause the icons on one panel to not align with the icons on the panel on the other side of the screen. Hit points now have a "X / maxX" format. It might make sense to show the MP like that as well so we can calculate how far enemy units can move on their next turn. Another option is to show their potential movement range when they are hovered over.

    In fact, movement points can possibly be removed from the info panel entirely, replaced by movement range highlights (max range highlighted in a darker color, remaining moves this turn highlighted in a bright color). The MP number doesn't tell you anything useful that you can't more effectively discern by hovering over units.

    I hope this has been helpful. I know my mockups are unprofessional, but I hope they illustrate the issues enough to be useful.
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    Thank you for taking the time to leave such awesome feedback! We really appreciate it!
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    Is there anything that needs further clarification? I'm going to be offline for the next few weeks, so I won't be able to contribute to the discussion for a while.

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    We've actually got to crunch up all the feedback and put together our next "change list". It will probably be a little while before we need more info. You've given us very complete data. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myk View Post
    This is showing a lot of promise, but I have to say it's not fun yet. Others have covered the issues with interacting with units, but more than that, the interface is simply not user friendly.

    The battleboard screen has plenty of space, but all spell actions are hidden behind multi-click workflows. Keyboard shortcuts are not yet implemented, making interaction somewhat frustrating.
    Thanks for taking time to provide quickslot suggestion I was after when I commented about it on previous builds. I was too lazy to provide pictures. What you showed is almost exactly what I meant.

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