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Thread: Slow Week

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    Slow Week

    OK guys, I just wanted to point out that I'm not getting my normal work load done this week. The fact is that I have a touch of post-Kickstarter-fatigue, lol. I plan to be "back in the saddle" next week. I want to get the rough details of character creation mapped out in the wiki, start filling out more detailed information on the units we have so far, and FINALLY get back to working on the spell list (I'm sorry I've let it hang in the air so long... I've just been busy...)

    There's a bit more information we have to get put together for the playable alpha. I know we all want to get to that ASAP. I just thought I should let you guys know that I really plan to hit it next week. For the rest of this week I'm just going to be "treading water". I'm only flesh and blood. Tired, worn-out flesh and blood, lol.
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    Get well soon and don't rush it too much.
    Looking forward to your work.

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    That's fine. Things are slow on the boards too. I think we're all suggering from a little post-KS fatigue.
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    I think things will pick up next week. We'll have a lot to talk about and everyone will have had the chance to take a break
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    I'm just waiting for the next unit list thread to go up. Those are always fun.

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    Troy is working away toward that

    Next week is probably going to be fairly busy for me. Some of that "busy" is liable to end up here on the forums, lol.

    It's been crazy quiet this week...
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