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Should cavalry not get "Really" Heavily penalized for crossing mountains? Should they be able to do it at all?

I think they should, but with extra penalties.
well in real life in rough terrain one sometimes has to get off their horse and guide the horse by foot. some terrain which is difficult to move through even on foot, means that horses can't can't move in at all (goats and other pack animals are used in such terrain). i don't think the scope of the base game will include terrain that horses can't even move through, but i do think that the mountains used would be horses being guided through by foot type of terrain. in the future i would totally love to see some super difficult terrain that horses can't move through.

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well after doing some calculations, i'd say since that a farmer produces 1 extra food in fertile areas (grasslands) and that 1 acre is the needed area to produce enough food for 1 person per year (and of course assuming a yearly cycle of planting), and that 1 pop is 1000 people, that means that 1 square is roughly 3.125 square miles.

since we use DnD for our combat stats, and the translation between 5 ft in combat = 4 miles overand per day, that means that when rounding up 1 square being 4 miles isn't ridiculous. a human soldier with a light load and wearing light armour moves 24 miles or 6 squares per day on a road, 4.5 over good terrain (or a mountain road), 3 over rough terrain, and 1.5 through jungle.

rounding up we get 6, 5, 3, 2. rounding down we get 6, 4, 3, 1. personally i'd round down as it emphasizes the advantage of a road. either way the default move becomes 3 for light foot soldiers (rounding down gives 2 for medium/heavy armoured foot soldiers), and 6 for the fastest horses (3 for heavy war horses with medium/heavy barding).

as i have said earlier an increase in movement means an increase in vision as well, so i'd suggest visual range of at least 5 if rounding down, preferably 7.

as everything is relative, i based this all on the DnD translation, and thus only did so for consistency from battle stats to overland stats.