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Thread: Gates of Nullification

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    Gates of Nullification

    Gates of Nullification
    Circles: Air, Augmentation
    Description: Enchants the gates of a city. Any enemy unit passing through the gates may have buffs effecting it dispelled.

    Gates of Destruction gave birth to this one. Do we like it or not? +1s? -1s?

    Personally I'm not sure how often it will come into play...
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    If it had a 0 upkeep, I'd cast it. But otherwise, meh.
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    I'll +1 this. I know I can end up with armies buffed up to a high degree in MoM, and something that lets me strip off all the holy armors and blesses and protection from elements on an invading army sounds fun.

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    Stuff like this was one of the most frustrating aspects of MoM for me. I zeroed in on Sorcery opponents and wiped them out first because I got sick of them casting Counter Magic and the big Sorcery Dispel on my units. What's the point of buffs if you never get to bring them into melee range? (Even the Arcane Dispel worked amazingly efficiently. The only time I made headway was when I had enough cheap units to throw at them without care and run them out of mana.)

    Having said that... If WoM will make it so your buffs don't all instantly get dispelled at the first cast of Dispel, then I'm OK with this spell.

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    OK, so that's a fair amount of support. We can add it and see how it works out.

    That having been said: I don't like Air as the element. Also, do we have a tier suggestion?
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    Water is the only other thing I could see working IMO.
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    Water is good. We need a tier.
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    I'd say 3 or 4. Units have to choose to walk through the gate, so it's not all that powerful of a spell, especially against ranged units.
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    Mythologically, running water has a solid basis for grounding out magic. For Water, though, I would suggest it as a moat rather than a Gate.

    As a Strategic spell, you cast it on your City, and any enchantments on any enemy units entering the city have some percentage chance of being dispelled in the crossing. Potentially modified by whatever can affect your Dispel chances in general; ie, if any of the Disciplines make you better at Dispelling, or make it hard to Dispel your magic, those would apply. This takes away Troy's point that units choose to walk through it, I know, but that's what got me thinking about it - that version is all but useless, in the face of ranged units, other spells, wall-breaking effects, flight... if WoM has the same effect MoM did that battling inside the city increases the damage to the city, having to lure the enemy past your gates to have this kind of minimal impact on them would actually be detrimental. I don't like it.

    I would picture it as a low-tier spell with a low percentage chance of working, but if it is possible on the Strategic level, have it be one of the scalable ones - eg, if you pump in more mana to cast (and perhaps increase it's Maintenance cost as well? Can we do that?), it works better. (And of course, even at a low chance, you get the `shotgun' effect - a few lightly buffed units are likely to get through, but it will leave holes in a more heavily magicked-up stack.)

    A higher-Tier spell (maybe Tier 7 or 8) might have a higher dispel chance, as well as a chance to dismiss summoned creatures before they can set foot in your city, too. A Moat of Mundanity, maybe?

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    We could keep a gate for water, with a waterfall in the gate that you've to go through ? But I agree that between range, flying, spells, ... it's not of much use, so I'm quite mitigated on this one.

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