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Thread: 3D environment -> Shadow plane -> Hollow tree

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    3D environment -> Shadow plane -> Hollow tree

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    I love the tree, but the shadow plane seems awfully well lit for a place devoid of light.
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    you need light to form shadows, maybe if the whole place had a light shadow over everything then the shadow won't seem as well defined (or any other shadow) and it would be a cool effect (though not all graphics cards can do overlapping shadows of different shades).

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    I can't tell if you're kidding or not. You really think the shadow plane should be a brightly lit zone?

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    Don't worry about the light on the shadow plane. We didn't work on it yet. It's not going to look like on the screenshot from Ania. It was just taken to show you this particular tree model, not the look of the plane

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    Just to be clever, would you rather see this?

    Anyway, it's more "land of the Dead" than "so so dark". Meaning, it's dead, void, cold and dry. Nothing happy or colourful ever happens here. The "shadow" though, is to be found here, in the form of black stuff. You'll see
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    Good work. But I think that there should be no "thin" details on any of the environment models since they become partially visible even on closeup shots (just like the third liana from the left)

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