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Thread: Spell Research Mechanics

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    Spell Research Mechanics

    In MoM if you took 10 or 11 books in a School of Magic you could research ALL the spells in that School. With 40 spells per school that makes sense.

    In WoM we'll have nearly twice the spells as MoM. And it take only 9 picks in a Circle of Magic to gain access to the most powerful spells.

    So, Do we want to follow MoM's example and have 9 Circles plus the Master of <Circle> Discipline that Aaron proposed give access to ALL the spells of the Circle? or leave some spells randomly out?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoverdog View Post
    re: the amount of spells per circle
    Right now, the planned amount is:
    - 2 spells of each circle combination (fire-summoning, water-augmentation etc.) for tiers 1 and 2
    - 1 spell of each circle combination for tiers 3-8
    - 2 spells of each singular circle for tier 9
    Each Circle has access to 12+12+6+6+6+6+6+6+2 (or 62) spells going by what Hoverdog posted.

    I think 62 leaves room for having some spells not finding their way into your research list - even when you specialize.

    Having stated that (because I know Troy in particular likes this aspect of MoM) - I am personally leaning towards 9 Circles + the Master of <Circle> Discipline should grant access to all 62 spells; especially if the Discipline costs 3 picks like Aaron suggested.

    The 11th book in MoM was like the Master of <Circle> Discipline. 10 books still got you all 40 spells. In WoM I don't think 9 Circles gets you all 62 spells. So, what % does 9 Circles get you?


    The Research Book.

    I am absolutely of the opinion that WoM should follow MoM's footsteps of having the semi-blind research path. Not knowing what you ultimately can research opens up so many more strategic possibilities and forces the player to adapt if Spell_X doesn't show up in their book.

    Semi-blind research also provides one small advantage to Magic specialists - who spend all early and mid game playing catch-up to the players who are Discipline heavy.

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    +1 for semiblind research.

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    I think you should be able to get half the available spells normally.

    EDIT: +1 for semi-blind research too.
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    Another +1 for semi-blind research. I saw it as a mandatory feature in the game - it wouldn't be anywhere near as strategic without it (or something very similar).

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    I'm heading toward this topic, but I'm not going to weigh in yet. (Especially as it's Sunday and I'm taking a light day, lol.)
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    +1 to semiblind research.

    I cant give numbers for what % of spells 9 circles should grant before knowing what exactly the expensive mastery disicpline grants in addition to getting all spells...
    Because if it adds a lot more I dont think there is a big need to tone down taking 9 circles,and it should probably give around 90% of spells imo,maybe someway along : 12+11+5+5+5+5+4+4+1 ( i think all first and maybe 2nd tier spells should be common knowledge for a 9 circle sorcerer,imo it can be important to have planning securiiy in that area).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mardagg View Post
    taking 9 circles,and it should probably give around 90% of spells imo,maybe someway along : 12+11+5+5+5+5+4+4+1
    I like that as a good place to start. Sounds very reasonable to me.

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    Sorry a question really ignorant: the semi-blind research means that in Mardagg example I will not be able to decide which 9th tier spell I can research and will be a 50-50 chance?

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    Yes and no. Depends on your point of view.

    In MoM you had a choice of 8 spells to pick from for research at any one time. If you took less than 10 books in one School of Magic you were limited in how many spells you could research. The chart is here. MoM randomly chose which spells you received. That randomness would have happened even if MoM allowed you to see all "your" spells from the beginning or not.

    Truth be told I do prefer only having a choice of 8 spells at any one time, but I wouldn't cry if WI chose to give us all our spells in the research list from the beginning.

    What I do like and really want to see repeated is that the game randomly chooses which spells we ultimately get to research.

    So yes, which of the 2 Tier 9 spells you got would be random - if Mardagg's breakdown is what get's chosen.

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    The Sage Discipline

    The wiki currently reads
    A Sage gains more research for Power spent toward researching new spells.
    Without a baseline number I'll use MoM's 20% Retort bonus.

    In MoM, the 20% bonus applied even towards SoM.

    I thinks it is important to not let the 20% bonus stack. That is, if a spell costs 100 to research, with the bonus, it would cost you 80.
    Then with the 50% discount applied to SoM, that means SoM would be reduced by 40, not by 50.

    The net effect will still be 20% off of SoM - because 60000 * 0.8 = 48000. subtract 40, gives 47960.
    Same as (60000 - 50) * 0.8

    Either way, the 20% should only apply once. We shouldn't get (48000-50) * 0.8

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    I strongly support semi-blind research. It helps tremendously with the replayability by forcing you off the cookie-cutter strategies, and in the first 10 games or so you play, you experiment with spells you never used before.

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