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Thread: The Summoning Circle

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    The Summoning Circle

    Alright guys, Hoverdog has been working on the summoning circle and has filled it out quite a bit. You can find the current spell list here:

    Summoning Circle

    It looks great and the lineup offers a lot of variety. However, I think we need some non-direct-summoning spells to flesh the list out. A list of “summoning support” spells, if you will. Now, we've got room for some Life/Summoning spells (as well as maybe some Death, Fire, etc), but Earth is basically filled.

    In my opinion we need to come up with spells that bolster or limit summoned creatures in some way. We need to fit them into elemental circle and tier combinations that have room. Still, that's down to sorting.

    So, does anyone have any non-summoning summoning spell suggestions?
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