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Thread: Destruction/Life spells tiers 1 - 8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy_Costisick View Post
    I don't like that as much because there's no guarantee everyone will play with all the planes. So limiting a spell to a single plane would make it potentially useless in a good number of games.
    "on a single plane" means "on a single plane of the caster's choosing".

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    If we were going to make something a strategic spell, I'd choose Sunburst because it does have a Radius of 80 in DnD, and that lets us go from Holy Smite which effects a small part of the battlefield to Holy Word which effects the entire battlefield for the tactical spells.

    Though Holy Word hitting a whole plane isn't really a bad idea, but it might prove a little too deadly against the Forsaken?

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    I think Happerry is right - that might've worked in MoM, but in WoM, it would be like having a spell that attacks Orcs across an entire plane. And nobody wants that! (Er, from a game-design standpoint. I'm sure the High Men would love to get their hands on a spell like that...)

    Sunburst sounds more like a Strategic spell, and it could work sort of like Firestorm did in MoM - attack all the Units on a selected tile, keeping its extra effect vs Undead.

    "Overgrowth" is fantastic. Go, Happerry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happerry View Post
    We could just call it Overgrowth.
    i'll +1 that.

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    I honestly don't like overgrowth. It sounds like earth/biomancy spell to me rather than life/destruction. Assuming the idea is that it causes some sort of weeds to grow... I'm not entirely clear what it is supposed to do?

    I also agree that sunburst should be strategic or maybe strategic/tactical hybrid. Holy word sounds like a tactical spell. I'd rather give global mass banishing spell to water.

    I know I will hate that artifact shatter spell when it's cast at my hero. Heroes are easy to resurrect but losing an artifact that is likely to cost more than the hero is going to be a pain in the ass. Anyhow. I'd go with Shatter Artifact or Sunder Artifact as a name. More descriptive than that demistthing.
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