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Thread: Mentalism/Life spells tiers 1 - 8

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    Post Mentalism/Life spells tiers 1 - 8

    Bestow life to illusion and here and here and here
    Circle: Mentalism+Life
    Type: Strategic
    Cost: Medium
    Upkeep: Low
    Description: Turns an illusion into the real deal. Useful only if you have actually the illusion of a unit cast in the first place(probably with another spell).
    all of your units may continue to gain xp up to 1 level higher while this spell is active.

    Herosim (and here) via circle change
    Life? / Augmentation?
    Unit Enchantment
    Target unit becomes max level while upkeep is paid. Automatically dispels when the unit earns enough XP to naturally be max level.

    attempt to destroy a summoned unit.

    (units attack more gladly, increased damage, maybe else mentalism, if someone remember that humans dont ussualy use all steang becous of subconscious locks except in great danger and lot of adrenalin, so that someone lift car if REALLY needed for second)
    Calm Emontions
    Life + Mentalism = Calm Emontions (strategic spell to reduce unrest on a city)

    Phantom Hope
    Life / Mentalism
    Summon an illusion of a protective holy spirit to give your men renewed hope.

    Weak, but buffs all friendly units in battle from the renewed hope...
    Golden Age and here
    (Life, Mentalism)
    The Caster uses a powerful invocation of Positive Energy to make his kingdom simply feel good about themselves. Greatly decreases all unrest in all his settlements.
    Fateful Omens and here
    (Life???, Mentalism)
    Summons fateful omens in the skies above to guide heroes to you, greatly increasing the chances that wandering heroes will attempt to join your empire.
    Rebuke and here
    Circles: Life / Mentalism
    Description: Target living unit that fails Will save is stunned for a turn and suffers moderate illusory damage.

    Notes: Damage and stun is phantasmal in nature so illusion immunity protects against it. Save negates damage as unit realizes it's just an illusion. This is living counterpart to turn undead which should be +damage & fear undead
    Charm Sorcerer Lord via circle change
    Circles: Water, Mentalism
    Description: Massively improves relations with the selected Sorcerer Lord. In addition any war between you and the target immediately ends. Should the spell be resisted by the target diplomatic relations are ruined.
    I just realized that I forgot to type the elemental circle for my spell. I meant to have the spell be a level nine Mentalism and Life spell, not a Mentalism and Water spell. The major uses of this spell are to end wars and gain new allies, which I think fits in well with Life. Water is definitely my second choice though.

    Prodigious Teacher and here
    Enchanted units will be able to teach to the rest of the stack. All units in the stack that have less XP than it gain +25% to all XP gains, with a minimum of 1 XP per overland turn.

    Martyr of Wisdom and here
    Circles: Life / Mentalism
    Description: When target unit dies its experience gets split between the surviving units of the stack. The amount of XP the survivors get follows the formula X * (Y/Z) where X is the even split, Y is the enchanted unit's level and Z is the survivor's level.
    So lower level units gain more and a stack of low level units can end up having a net gain in XP.

    (Alternatively this can be a global with a slightly different name which puts the XP in a pool which the player can then give out to units stationed at the summoning circle.)

    (S, increases fame)

    Tier 2:
    (S, unit gets armsmaster-like ability)

    Tier 3:
    Morale [needs name]
    (T, bonus to hit, improved saves, immunity to fear)*
    * I changed it a bit; immunity to fear and improved saves for all might be enough without any offensive bonuses

    Tier 4:
    Song of Peace
    (T, unit cannot attack or use damaging abilities for X turns)

    Tier 5:
    Tier 6:
    Prayerful Meditation
    (city enchantment) For each divine caster unit garrisoned in this city, unrest is reduced by 1 and your religious buildings have their upkeep reduced by 1 (minimum 0).

    Tier 8:
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    How many spells per */* combo are needed?
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    Banish: attempt to destroy a summoned unit.

    I've always liked life as anti undead, anti summon.


    Tier1: Fateful Omens (global), Calm emotions (unit)
    Prodigious teacher (unit), Rebuke (unit)
    Morale (battlefield)
    Inspiration (city)
    Banish (unit)
    Golden age (global)
    Tier7: ?

    Fateful omens: this seems only useful as early game when you need a hero magnet even if it's global
    Prodigious teacher: you need to have time to train those advanced units so getting this early is meh
    Morale: add resistance to fear as well

    Calm emotions: Change this to "attempts to dispel fear and other control effects from target unit"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Troy_Costisick View Post
    How many spells per */* combo are needed?
    Quote Originally Posted by Hoverdog View Post
    re: the amount of spells per circle

    Right now, the planned amount is:
    - 2 spells of each circle combination (fire-summoning, water-augmentation etc.) for tiers 1 and 2
    - 1 spell of each circle combination for tiers 3-8
    - 2 spells of each singular circle for tier 9
    - an unknown, but small number of arcane spells
    This gives us 378 spells total, plus arcane spells. That said, there might be a few gaps here and there (no 8th tier Fire-Protection spell, for example), but the absolute minimum is 360 spells total. That's still a lot.
    does that answer the question? it is good info for this thread nonetheless.

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    Sure does, thank you!
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    Hum. I had Inspiration down as Augmentation, but I think it does fit Mentalism more.. (Goes to edit his Augmentation list)

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    Banish definitely feels like a Summoning spell.

    Calm Emotions is fine.

    Fateful Omens - it'll be easier just to change to a Fame boost - the results are more or less the same.

    Prodigious Teacher - not feeling it, unnecessarily complicated. Maybe giving the unit an ability similar to MoM's Armsmaster (or was it Bladesmaster?) that grants other units in stack XP per turn? Or simply an Instant that grants XP.

    Rebuke is OK.

    Inspiration is OK.

    Golden Age too.

    Charm Sorcerer Lord at Tier 8 - we decided that there won't be any Sorcerer vs Sorcerer spell saves.

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    Maybe have Prodigious Teacher work so that any new units built in the same town the enchanted unit is at gets half of the enchanted unit's EXP? Or some other faction of the enchanted unit's EXP, depending on tier level.

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    It's still too far-fetched for me.

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    Fair enough.

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