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Thread: Summoning/Life spells tiers 1 - 8

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    Just jumping in to say that I like the list.

    We may have to tweak the tier and effects of this and that in order to strike the right balance, but I like the ideas.

    Guardian Force may be tier 2 appropriate. It all depends on the bonus we give it. Play testing! (I haven't gotten to say that in a while, lol.)
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    Yay! One combo is finished!!!
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    Yep. It makes us happy as well, lol.
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    I'm not sure teleportation is a Life thing, seems more water or air. Other than that, looks good!

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    Well based on the teleportation discussion I got the impression that every sphere can potentially get a bit teleportation in one way or another if it fits in. There are teleportation spells in DnD that can be easily associated with various "elements".

    i.e. shadow walk (teleport to plane of shadow), fire walk (teleport between flames), tree stride/transport via plants (teleport between trees) and so on.

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