there was a talk about female draconians, and it was decided that the female ones won't follow human gender norms (breasts). high men are based on high fantasy medieval europe, and thus have little room for women in combat (except as exceptional individuals like heroes). orcs were decided that there wouldn't be any women (as they wouldn't be attractive, and if they were it would break the image of the orcs). by the same logic of the orcs i am confidant that there won't any female dwarves either. though dark elves might have quite a few female units.

you can see why i wanted to model the good elf society around the most socially progressive culture of the ancient world. at some point there might be a female DLC that would add in an amazon race and such, but this game won't have many human like women in it (which is fine, due to being a strategy game, and thus ultimately units are genderless pieces to be moved around).