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Thread: The Sorcerer Lords

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    Name : Lagash Greyhoof
    Magic : lvl 9 summoning
    Disciplines :Summoner, Beastlord, Master summoner, Circle Master.
    Negative Disciplines : Boorish, Careless, Merciless.
    Disposition : Semi-agressive
    Strategy : Summon units to overwhelm the enemy.
    Personality : Malevolent, and sly Lagash will double cross any allies, as soon as he deems it profitable to his cause.

    Factions Orcs, Draconians, Insectoids, Unhallowed.

    Lagash is a master summoner, who emerged from the depths of Reikwold forests. Honing his skills of the summoning arts, amongst the beastman tribes there. He has left the forests behind, realising his future lay elsewhere, and has been looking for the chance to become a powerful leader, of some suitable faction. Once he finds the right faction, he will take his rightful place as the most powerful sorcerer lord, by force of magic.
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    Name: Varkin Strongshield
    Magic: 5 Earth, 4 Augmentation, 2 Protection
    Disciplines: Artificier, Geologist
    Negative Diciplines:Boorish
    Disposition: Unfriendly, Possessive
    Strategy: Vakin will spend most of his power enchanting units and forging magic items to create powerful units. He also likes to create large cities.
    Personality/Story: Varkin was a great smith, attuned to the forges and metalcrafts, and the earth from which they hail. He also had an interest in improving things to perfection. This fueled his studies in magic until he could forge people as well as armor. He is obsessed with perfecting his cities and units to peak levels of efficiency, but cares less for beauty, as the best swords are not the prettiest ones, but the most deadly ones. Varkin will make deals with others if it is advantageous for him to do so, but is reluctant to ally with other mages, as he prefers to perfect his domain over being obligated to help others. Varkin will also declare war on someone just for getting better materials for his crafts if he feels that he can withstand any retaliatory attacks the empire might offer.
    Factions: Dwarves primarily, but Varkin sometimes leads Draconians for their shared interest in perfection.
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    So, now that I'm awake again, and have had time to go find some more pictures, have some more sorcerer lords.

    Name: Elron the Unconstrained
    Magic: Fire 4, Earth 4, Water 4, Air 4
    Negative Disciplines: Vengeful, Tyrant, Careless, Butcher
    Disposition: Aggressive.
    Strategy: Elron has no faith in the powers of mortals, and will use stacks of summoned units instead whenever he can. And he'll also use his elemental powers to rain down destruction on his foes' heads at all opportunities.
    Personality: Elron is an erratic force of raw elemental power that never forgets a grudge and has no trust in mortals, as well as a considerable ego.
    Factions: Any.

    Once, long ago, Elron was a promising apprentice in a popular wizard's guild. Once, long ago, Elron set out to master the forces of elemental magic. Once, long ago, Elron has an accident. The details are unknown to this day, but whatever happened transformed Elron from a normal mortal to the seemingly unkillable force of elemental power he is today.

    Over the ages, Elron has grown disgusted with the weakness of flesh and bone, and his mind has continued to veer away from his older, saner, personality. Nowadays he believes he is an avatar of the superiority of the elements, and will stop at nothing to claim the ultimate power he believes he should possess by right.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    Eve is cool. A world shaping, life giving, protecting, love child is certainly justified

    Nerve is good.

    Eyegor the Tyrant could be very interesting. Mentalism and Destruction is a cool combo.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    Loralia is also cool. However, Prodigy is out and Archmage has been up-priced so you need to rework her.
    Done. (Dropped summoning 2 in exchange for water 1)

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    So, all in all, I like them all. That's not much help is it? Well, my plan is to quantify the suggestions according to their Circles and Disciplines and then let us pick one Lord of Death from the likely candidates, etc. (I really think Rjakh has got a lock on Lord of Death, but you see what I mean.) For instance, Eve, Loralia, Avarielle could all be looked at as a kind of “Earth Mother” concept. (I'm not saying they will be competing for a slot, I'm just saying they could.) Markas might well be worked into Endless Rain's opposing Sorcerer Lords concept. I'm sure you see what I mean.
    I'm just gonna point out that Eve uses life magic and Loralia uses earth magic, so they aren't that similar.. As well as the fact that Loralia's theme is more 'young untried queen taking the reins' then earth mothery. Maybe an earth daughter, if you get the difference?

    Also, about how many Sorcerer Lords are you thinking we'll end up with, in the end? Twelve? Twenty Four? More? Less? (For why I chose those numbers to ask about.. Twelve=One circle master of each element and an equal number of other mages. Twenty Four=One circle master for each elemental and effect school and an equal number of other mages.)

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    Name: Ayliss
    Magic: Mentalism (9),Water(4)
    Disciplines: Cartographer, Planar Cartographer, Omniscient, Heretic,Ascetic
    Strategy: Mercilessly attack the weakest enemy.

    Leader of a heretical cult, she's convinced she's a goddess reborn.

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    @Aaron: What does a Lord get for spending the pricey 3 points for <Circle> Mastery?

    So far the only thing we know is it guarantees all the spells.
    I seem to recall talk of bonus spells that only Mastery will grant.
    In MoM, taking the 11th book gave an extra 10% reduction in casting cost and a research credit toward SoM equal to 5% of the cost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    OK, let's see:
    Markas could be interesting. We'll need to flesh out his back story a bit. However, I think the idea of having a Sorcerer Lord that uses magic mainly as a way to bolster his military prowess is good. They could have few or no circles and a lot of Disciplines. In short, I like the concept, it just needs refinement.
    Ah cool I've made some description edits in Markas. Pity I'm working 12 hour days at the moment I'd have loved to come up with more.

    Loving the suggestions guys this type of enthusiasm really makes me stoked for the game!

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    And speaking of fire..


    Name: Malicia
    Magic: Fire 9
    Disciplines: Planeswalker, Summoner, Battlecaster
    Negative Disciplines:
    Disposition: Rational
    Strategy: Calculating. Malicia will make an objective, draw up plans to see it taken, and then execute them.
    Personality: Malicia is one of the rarest of things. An old fire mage. And with age comes patience and wisdom. Not for Malicia is the brushfire raging of her younger peers, but the wisdom of the smouldering earth. She does not forget. She does not forgive. And one day, when you have stopped looking over your shoulder, she will be there.
    Factions: Any but the Unhallowed. Most likely to be Draconians or Insectiods.

    To go with my non ice queen water mage, here's another view of the virtues of fire magic... Also a mage that has nine circles in things without being a circle master, which we should have at least one of..


    Name: Ragnar Bloodaxe
    Magic: Destruction 5, Augmentation 5, Mentalism 1
    Disciplines: Warlord, Pillager
    Negative Disciplines: Merciless
    Disposition: Aggressive.
    Strategy: Attack! He will find your weakpoints, and then sack them.
    Personality: Arguements continue over if he is brutally cunning, or cunningly brutal.
    Factions: Orcs.

    Ragnar Bloodaxe is the formost Orc Warlord of the century, and welds the traditional powers of destruction and augmentation of said orc warlords, allowing him to slay his foes and support his followers. Less well known is the hidden reserve of raw intelligence that lies within his bestial frame, shown mainly in his mastery over the first circle of mentalism magic. He knows how often others dismiss him as just another mindless brute, and doesn't mind playing up to that image to get people to underestimate him. Until he's ready to put his axe into your face, of course.
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    BTW, Avarielle fixed.
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    Name: Moonblossom
    Magic: Mentalism 4, Life 4, Biomancy 2
    Disciplines: Pious, Charismatic
    Negative Disciplines:
    Disposition: Aggressive, Seductive, Sneaky
    Strategy: Moonblossom is a sneaky wizardess, apt to combine plots so you have multiple threats to be concerned with at once, and countering one merely lets her throw more force behind the others. She is also in favor of divide and conquer.
    Personality: Moonblossom is highly attractive and she knows it, and has no shame. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and what she wants is everything. Do not be fooled by the silk glove to miss the hands of iron beneath.
    Factions: Dark Elves, Grey Elves (Rare)

    Moonblossom was once the hope of the wood elves. The stars were right, and ancient prophecies proclaimed that today was the day the long awaited greatest hero of the elven people would be born.

    And then the dark elves invaded the city and kidnapped every child within.

    Now, grown up among her more.. questionable cousins, Moonblossom may still be the greatest elven hero, but if she is, she's not one the wood or grey elves would want to admit to. Having mastered what she could find of the life magic of her ancestry, she then turned her keen mind on the biomancy and mentalism of her adopted people. Only time may yet tell how she will shake the world..


    Name: Keirath of the Burning Sky
    Magic: Fire 5, Air 5, Death 2
    Negative Disciplines:
    Disposition: Friendly, Determined, Sagelike
    Strategy: Keirath knows well the value of patience, and allies. Offend him, and the skies will darken with the wings of those who follow his desires. Befriend him, and your enemies skies will darken.. as long as you uphold your side of the alliance.
    Personality: Keirath is young for a Draconian, but no less skilled for that. He still feels he must prove himself every day to his elders, however, and his sense of innate fair play may yet end up betraying him..
    Factions: Draconians.

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