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When in doubt - check here first.

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Hi Hoverdog,
I managed to view the Text Files on Google. Question: how shall i save the translation? In a new File, e.g. a Word document or directly into the google file?
It autosaves a few seconds after each edit. The document is yours to edit - you can do whatever you want like saving it on your disk, but I assume with more than one translator, google drive is the simplest and best option.

QUESTION: theres e,g. a line like "turn=Turn". Shall i write the translation right behind it and save? Or delete the second english Word and replace it with the german one?
The part before the equals sign is the string within the game, which cannot be edited if you want it to work. The text after the equals sign is the translation, currently in english. So, if you want to translate, you should remove it.

I have a question, can be quite complex for English native speakers. In Neo-Latin languages we have a "you" formal (usually used with older people, teachers, business and so on) and an informal "you" (used between friends or in all informal situations).
Which kind of translation would you prefer? A more formal or a more informal? Usually in video-games either are used depending on the context.
To be more precise in Italian you can use the informal you: "Inizia il tuo turno!",
the formal you: "Inizia il suo turno!"
or something more anonymous: "Inizia il turno!" or "Inizia il turno del giocatore!"
(all translations of the same sentence "Player turn starts!").
The most common are the first and the third, but want to keep consistent with other translations.
I know what you mean (we also have this formal you in Polish). I suppose we should go with the informal "you"; the formal one feels weird in a game, and I'm not a big fan of an impersonal Player.

- High Men (high in the meaning noble? tall? leaving on mountains?)
Noble. And I can see it being an uncomfortable translation - High Elves are pretty common in fantasy and we got used to it, but High Men are MoM-specific.

- combat_passedSavingThrow = {0} successfully passed {1} saving throw! (can I have an example?)
Swordsmen successfully passed Reflex saving throw!

WeaponAcid = Acidic
WeaponFlame = Flaming , etc. In which context are they used? I mean will be used in a sentence like Weapon Acidic or something else? I need all possible substantive before that adjective because we have distinction between masculine and feminine in Italian
They're item enchantments, and right now it will show only when inspecting an item (as a single word, not in a sentence)

event_AddProductionMultiplier_negative_desc_applie d = Production in {1} decreases by {0}%.
This should be Production decreases by {0}%.
as event_AddGoldProduction_desc_applied = Gold production increases by {0}%.
right? (without the {1} as all other _applied entries
Yeah, good catch.

What do you mean by "critical threat"?
I know what is a critical hit or roll, but not a threat...
For a critical hit to happen, an attack must first roll 20 (or less with specific weapons) on To Hit, and then hit on another To Hit roll. Critical threat is directly after the first roll: a 20 is rolled, the hit may be critical depending on the second roll.

And must I colorize translation or not?
Not necessarily.