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Thread: More Sorcerer Lords

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    I'm so confused right now I think I just voted for the Good Witch Glenda and Rincewind.


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    +1 for Glenda and Rincewind!! ...There are legal issues around Rincewind, aren't there? But... but... WIZZARD!

    Who do we ask for permission?

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    +1 to Glenda and Rincewind,
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    Jamo and I collaborated to come up with this guy in the other thread:

    Legend of Lelex the Sorcerer Lord:
    Lelex led a small group of stalwart warriors into a valley in which 100 times their number of the enemy were traveling. Upon meeting the group, the group looked on their enemy and felt confidence of such overwhelming odds. Lelex looked into the eyes of his men and saw a hardened resolve, they saw only pity. Pity for the foes which will face Lelex. The enemy charged the group, and upon looking into their enemies eyes began to falter in their confidence, but they were led by a fearsome mage that would brook no retreat. As the hours passed a wall of bodies began to form in front of the warrior's battle line. Lelex's men began to hope that they would live, and the mage began to get wroth with the failure of his men. The mage hurled magical fire and lightning down upon the group, but they held firm. The mage ordered his men to attack while death rained from above. A few of the warriors fell, but many more of the enemy died from the arcane display. Whipped into a wild frenzy the enemy attacked recklessly swinging their weapons about, slaying more friend than foe. While the warriors were battling the berserking amateurs, the mage called on the limit of his power. Great meteors fell from the sky, killing nearly everyone that was there, but Lelex still stood before the mage, lord of a fortress of the bodies from fallen foes. The mage's power spent, he hurled insults at the obstacle that had cost him his rabble, but the mage did not notice that he had disturbed an old and ancient dragon. Sweeping down upon the feeble annoyance that had awaken him from his slumber, crushing what had stood before Lelex. As dragons are the way they are, it opened its great maw and let forth a breath of dragon fire. Taking lelex for dead the smug beast flew off to return to its dreams. Lelex lay beaten and broken amidst the ruin of bodies when the Reaper came. It looked into Lelex's eyes to judge what to do with his soul, but what it found puzzled it, for all found was pity for the foe that stood before Lelex. The Reaper being old and wise, knew that this one was not his to take. It took some souls for a proper afterlife, but most were bound for eternal torment, leaving Lelex alone in that valley of death. When Lelex finally emerged from that valley he returned to his city, not Lelex the Warrior, but Lelex the Sorcerer Lord.

    Name: Lelex
    Magic (10): Augmentation 6, Fire 2, Earth, 2
    Disciplines (7): Mentor (2), Enlightened (1), Artificer (1), Relic Hunter (1), Rescuer (1), Gate Master (1),
    Negative Disciplines (-5): Wasteful (-2), Prude (-2), Merciless (-1)
    Disposition: Honorable, Aggressive
    Strategy: Lelex relies heavily on extraordinary individuals, and believes that everyone should give their utmost in support of the Men and Women that are chosen to be the champions of the kingdom. While it would seem that he is just another ruthless dictator from an outside perspective, he gives much better living conditions to his people, as well as ensuring his people have a much better diet than normal. He restricts immigration to only the more dedicated individuals, and if you stop performing you are immediately processed out of the city. Such strict emphasis on quality results in better troops, better leaders, better champions, and better enchantments. They feel that they are the best of the best, and as a result are willing to plunge into the unknown magical vortexes knowing that they are capable of dealing with whatever dangers may befall them.
    Factions: Any.

    Credit where credit is due: it's almost entirely Jamo's ideas, and I think it's a good one for the Hero-centric Lord.

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    Another one, that is more original to me:

    Name: Izabel
    Magic: Fire (4), Water (4), Air (1), Augmentation (2), Summoning (1)
    Positive Disciplines: Alchemist (1), Artificer (1)
    Negative Disciplines: Careless (-1), Wasteful (-2)
    Strategy: Win with powerful artifacts and summoned units.
    Disposition: Aloof, though she is happy to trade spells with other sorcerer-lords.

    Izabel is a mad scientist Sorcerer-Lord. He locks herself up in her tower for days at a time creating new artifacts or new creatures from her prefered circles. Her cities are in somewhat of a disarray. She focuses more on her science than maintaining her empire. She is hard to deal with at times, and often will not answer the calls of other Sorcer-Lords. But if you can enter negotiations with her, she often has much to offer.

    I thought about giving her the Channeler discipline instead of Summoning (1). This way she could pump a lot of mana into artifacts, but it made more sense to me to give her access to Tier 5 Fire and Water summons along with Tier 2 Air summons for the early game. With the augmentations, she'll be able to get most of the good Fire, Water, and Air enchantments. I think this SL might be good for the player who like to make all kinds of magical crap.
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    From the all the candidates, I'm most interested in Eyegor. Beholders and related are among my favourite fantastic creatures.

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    Oh. Yeah. Eyegor is cool. Thanks for reminding us about him, Hover
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    On a marginally related note. Anyone else get the image of Arcane wraith stuck to their head when thinking R'jak. I just played MoM and Rjak kind of looks like Nazgul/Wraith thing. Where did the circle master threads go anyway?

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    You're not alone there. I think he was inspired by the Witch King, lol.
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    if you do a google search for hooded wraith (which is how r'jak is often described as), you'll get a lot of pictures of ringwraiths. aside from the gauntlets they do tend to look like a stylized version of r'jak.

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    Well, I've fallen out of the discussions for a longer time and could not really keep up with the developments in terms of details on sorcerer lord creation, circles, spells, etc., so I'll just describe someone I had in mind and leave it up to you to flesh out the details in terms of points if you like the character:

    Nirez Legrinossa

    Male Dark Elf necromancer, but not the typical one you would imagine when seeing this combination.

    Originating from the Drow of the Underdark and then leaving it for good, Nirez has since then visited many different worlds (including the city of Sigil), becoming a quite experienced planeswalker.

    Physically, he is tall and extremely thin, almost skeleton-like, with purple eyes and white hair reaching to the middle of his back. As for clothing, he prefers the different shades of dark blue and silver - and intricate vine-patterns. He does not wear any jewelry or tattoos.

    Personality-wise, he is surprisingly calm and kind, with an ever-burning curiosity and desire to know more and more about life, the universe and everything. Thus, he will be very keen on research agreements (if there will be such in the game), exploration of as many planes as possible, and of course magical research.

    As for magic, necromancy did not become his chosen speciality because of a hunger for power but simply because he was fascinated by it - by the mysteries of life and death, the positive and the negative energies, the ultimate questions and philosophy it is concerned with, etc. So he will have his main focus on this - but also some on nature, as that is also important to the cycles of life and death (and also due to his background from his early years).
    (Within necromancy, his favorite area is the manipulation and redistribution of life force, along with summoning incorporeal beings and bestowing similar ethereal qualities on living beings, while with nature, he prefers entangling his opponents in the flora of the land and generally manipulating and encouraging the growth of plants.)

    And how did he become a sorcerer lord here? As mentioned, since having left his original home, his adventures and desire to explore the world have lead him through many different planes, until he has reached the one as well, where the story of WoM originally started. Though he was not interested in the power struggles the least, his talents were quickly noticed by one of the sorcerer lords who has made him an offer good enough for him to accept; after a while however, he saw that his master, like most of the other lords as well was becoming far too consumed by his greed and hunger for power and is already threatening their entire world, so after some deliberate planning and waiting for the right moment, he has acted in the traditional sneaky manner of his race and disposed of the lord when he was least expecting it and took over his place due to a sense of responsibility for the ex-lord's people, whom we wanted to guide to safety.

    As such, as an AI, he will almost always seek peace and alliances, avoid conquests and bolstering his forces only to protect his own as much as possible, while exploring and settling yet unclaimed lands and researching with full steam.

    As for races, the Dark Elves are not necessarily his preferred folk (there is a reason he has left them in the first place), though he might occasionally lead them as well (if he manages to convince them about his ways). Draconians I could imagine for him, just like Elves (in this case, nature may become just as important as necromancy), with whom he has also had previous contact and became well versed in their ways. As for the Unhallowed, them he despises the most because they, like most other necromancers, do not respect this art and instead use it for the vilest purposes that can be imagined, so he will never lead them, but wholeheartedly assist anyone else he comes in contact with in destroying them.

    So that's for Nirez. But if you don't really like his concept as a sorcerer lord, I could just as well imagine him as a hero/champion.
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