OK guys, these posts have been a bear, but we're getting them under control. I want to mention a few things to keep future posts clear.

Point One: We're looking for feedback on general ideas, not just specific builds. If you like a concept, but not an implementation you can say something like “I like the concept, but not the implementation”.

Point Two: We are putting together rough drafts. The actual builds are likely to undergo some major changes before the release. We are firming up the concepts of our Sorcerer Lords and putting together numbers to start with. If you think a particular build should have one more circle or a different discipline feel free to say something. However, start by supporting the idea in general. One more point of Air or using Careless in-stead of Boorish is not enough to throw a build. So, +1 before you suggest tweaks please

Point Three: We have threads for Sorcerer Lord suggestions. Please use them. If you don't like a build -1 it. I keep going back to the original lists for suggestions. Posting there is still a fine idea. You can find the thread here:

Sorcerer Lords

That's it. I'm just working hard to keep this running as smoothly as possible.

Thanks guys!