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    The Titans

    Alright guys we've got a number of Titans to create. As is usually the case we want community feedback. We think we're going to let you guys help us put 10 together (excluding those of you who have purchased Titans of your own ).

    Titans are super units that are a lot like... well.. Titans. They are ridiculously powerful, almost always neutral, and love to tear up the universe by the acre. Their exact stats and power levels aren't what we're going to be discussing, as they're going to be worked in wherever they best seem to fill a gap. However, we can talk form, look, general powers, ability to burninate peasants, etc.

    I think we need the Kraken, so we can say “Release the Kraken!”. Also, we need Medusa so we can say “Only a titan can defeat another titan!” and then laugh like mad witches.

    Of course, maybe that's just me. What Titan ideas do you guys have?
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