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Thread: The Kraken

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    +1 for classic, a land kraken seems kinda like a land shark to me (quite silly, but can be done in a serious and competent manner).

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    Classic seems to be in the lead.

    I have got to get the Wiki page made...
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    In the wiki:

    The Kraken

    There wasn't a great deal to say about him... If any of you want to add a few words let me know
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    Does anybody want to say a few words? Why do I feel like I should lead off with, "The Kraken was a dear friend of mine. I'll never forget his favorite joke: `Why yes, I do have a drinking problem! I have ten tentacles, and only one mouth! hah hah!' I swear, he said it every time..."

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    LOL! You actually made me laugh. For real.
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    The Kraken I'd like to see is... one that is never seen.
    It is huge and you only ever see a tentacle or two.
    You don't "defeat" it just like you don't defeat a continental mass. The best outcome of such an encounter is getting the Kraken to twitch and pull back the tentacle... probably causing a tsunami in the process.

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