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Thread: Medusa

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    Medusa has gotten enough support to justify discussing her. I like her mainly because she's a classic. Again, we need to think about our artistic inspiration. We also have to talk about how we want her to work. A straightforward D20 Medusa isn't nearly powerful enough to be a Titan, so we need to decide how to up her power.

    Should we make her stone gaze super difficult to resist?

    Should she have a snake tail and get attacks with that?

    Should she use a bow? Should her arrows be poisoned? If so, how poisoned?

    Should she regenerate?

    I think the D20 version is a good base, but it really needs beefed up to make her a Titan.

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    I love the "Classic" Medusa, but what powers to "up", hmmm.

    Im not to sure about making her gaze super difficult to resist, although this is definitely the case, in the classic films, after all she turns the Kraken to stone!!!

    Personally, I like the idea of making her super efficient with the bow. Being both super fast, and accurate, and also poisoned. How poisoned? im not really sure. Maybe strong enough for ordinary troops to have difficulty resisting, but elite/heroes etc not so much. Will it be a save or die poison? Also the medusa, should definitely be quite large, so getting hit off her arrow, carries more punch/damage, than a normal bow.

    Regenerate, should be in.

    Not sure about the tail attack though? Maybe a bludgeoning attack, or some kind of acid spray, when she swishes it around in close combat, or maybe a crushing attack, like a python?
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    I think she deserves her own lair...

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    +1 For poisoned bow, Snake Tail, Stoning Gaze, and her head snakes having their own attacks, and regeneration.

    Titans are supposed to be powerful after all.
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    +1 For poisoned bow, Snake Tail, Stoning Gaze, and her head snakes having their own attacks, and regeneration.

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    -1 to making her a Naga.

    She's a woman who got cursed with snake hair.

    To be classic Greek, she's father frail, but just try to get close to her and you're stone. The way to kill her is using a mirror.

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    Let's see:

    We'll have to play with the difficulty of resisting her Stoning Gaze in game. We want it to be the kind of thing that makes you pull out your best champions, not the kind of thing that makes you start a new game, lol.

    I think the poisoned arrows and snake heads with their own attacks are definite winners.

    Having her own lair is also a good idea.

    I really like the snake body lower half as well. I know it doesn't fit in with the classic Greek story, but this isn't really the classic Greek Medusa. This is just our Titan inspired by that story. A Titan that automatically turned everyone that looked at her into stone would just be too powerful.

    She wouldn't really be a naga so much as a Snake-Maid (like a mermaid with a snake body).

    Let's get some +/-1s on the snake-maid version.
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    I like the naga idea. Would look really cool in-game, I think.
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    +1 Snake-Maid

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    Medusa doesn't feel titan-like to me. For me titans are enormous creatures like the Kraken that require a small army to defeat. Something that is essentially human-sized always gives me a meh feeling. I mean I'd rather face something that actually looks powerful than something that looks like it should be able to take about as many hits as a human should before falling.
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