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Thread: Clockwork Titan

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    Clockwork Titan

    OK, I like the idea of a clockwork titan, but we need to flesh the concept out.

    What kind of attacks does it have?

    What is it's titan motivation?

    It should probably going around destroying the world by default, but why? Is it a war machine gone wrong? Has it become sentient and decided to cleanse the universe of illogical meatbags? Did it accidentally kill its creator and go insane swearing to kill all human beings (accept Sara Jane Smith for some reason...)?

    And I'm not ignoring your proposed lore zdsdead, I'm just saying we all need to weigh in

    What do we think?

    And how many +/-1s do we have for the concept in general?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
    What is it's titan motivation?
    Aaron are you asking us with as straight face what makes a Clockwork Titan... tick?

    Maybe it's obeying it's last orders it received but returned to find it's creators destroyed. How about a unique artifact made by it's creators that can be found to control it?

    Also is this one of zdsdead's kickstarter rewards? If so he should have full creative control imo.

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    +1 to clockwork titan. I'm thinking something like the Inevitables from Mechanus as inspiration. i.e like the Quarut.

    • Quarut. These protect the integrity of space and time, usually against wizards with the power to alter reality with wish spells or time travel. They resemble metallic humanoids made of golden clockwork with hourglasses for heads, and seal opponents in bubbles of slowed time. (Oddly enough, many of a quarut's powers have effects that alter time and space, in effect causing them to break the same rules that they enforce.)

    in theme at least. That is constructs that are out there to hunt sorcerer lords.

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    No Wartroll its not one of my rewards, so do whatever you want
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    I see the Clockwork Titan as lost, and wound-down, by default; where something has to happen to bring it back to an active state (whether it's been found first or not). And then it goes on a rampage until it can be somehow controlled -- presumably by finding whatever control device we want to make up. (Like the Rod of Control that Golems had in Dragon Age.. but for a Clockwork Titan, it might be a Winding Key, or something.)

    I'm a... +0.5 to the idea, I think -- I like it, but it also seems like something that might better add-in when we get to Gnomes.

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    Personally I'd been envisioning something like this.


    And -∞ to the idea of waiting for Gnomes. We don't know if they're ever going to actually be in, and Gnomes being responsible for all the strange science things is a really annoying trait in my opinion.

    Why can't we have gnomes who aren't a planet of the hats/mad science for once?

    ...It's not like the Gnome cities would have built this thing, anyway.
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    it is a relic of the previous wizard war for magic. who knows who won, but at the very least this thing survived and is still trying to eliminate his master's enemies. given that the SLs that haven't sworn fealty to a long dead wizard, they are by the titan's definition an enemy.

    +1 to concept in general.
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    +1 to concept. Too many different takes for me to plus 1 a motivation.

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    Well the idea clearly has support. I'll think on the background lore.

    How does it fight? Do we have a ranged weapon in there?
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    What about two giant fists that come slamming down on the enemy? Like two giant hammers?

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    In fact, this got me to thinking. What if this thing's original purpose was to help level areas for development, but its original creator died/vanished/went insane. Perhaps this titan could "attack" mountains and hills and turn them one tile-tier lower (Mts. become Hills, Hills become Plains). It would also raze any city it successfully defeats. How does that idea sound? Would make more sense if its two hands were giant heavy hammers.
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