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Thread: Father of Wolves

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    Father of Wolves

    This concept has gotten some support, but I'm not sure about it myself. The lore is rather interesting, but how do we make it titan-like?

    I think in almost all cases the titans should show up in a bad mood and be a force to be dealt with through battle and, occasionally, diplomacy.

    What form does this guy take? What are his motivations? How does he tear up the universe by the acre? How does he propose a serious threat?
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    If most Titans are rompy-stompy then Lyrandraste would be attained via diplomacy I guess. As a 'Good' Titan (with a pychotic hate of Werewolves) I suppose there would need to be leverage/tribute to give him for him to swear service. My suggestion would be wiping out a den or rampaging stack of werewolves.
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    I like War Troll's idea but I have a different take on it. What if there's an event just before the Titan shows up, where dens of rampaging Werewolves spawn all over the map, and the Sorceror lord to kill the most before he comes (and maybe giving him a tribute) will get the service of Lyrandraste. When he comes he could kill the remaining Werewolves on his arrival to the Planes; his arrival would happen once enough have been slain or a number of turns went by (or something). Instead of him rompy-stomping his enemies do it (the lore would be that Lyrandaste comes because he heard about the recent spurt of werewolves, to find that someone has already killed a lot of them, earning his respect, he then easily kills the remaining wolves). Of course I just realized this would probably take a lot more coding than the other titans.

    Alternatively he could just require a lot of tribute, but werewolves spawn around him (which he tries to deal with, but they spawn faster than he can).
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    Maybe he could be a Beorn Type of character from "the Hobbit". Maybe he can shapeshift into a truly huge woodland creature, direwolf, direbear, etc, He could make up for not being titan size, by making the only way to defeat him would be to have 3 available shapes before he is killed. each one has to be defeated, i.e :-

    First shape, dire wolf, once slain, he then changes into a dire boar , once that is slain, he then changes into the last shape, maybe a dire bear.
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    maybe if you hire him you get an ongoing quest to not kill any wolves no matter what, and to kill all werewolves no matter what. so if an orc party with some wolf units attack you, you need to flee or get creative.

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    As I said in the Medusa thread - to me, the Titans are unique, powerful entities that can aid a single Lord in ways that go beyond what Heroes and Champions can do. Making them all scenery-chewing giants isn't what I want to see. (Making some scenery-chewing giants I am so looking forward to!)

    I liked the Father of Wolves partly for the Ragnarok (Fenris) reference that somebody pointed out, and a lot because the whole concept that an ancient Hunting Lord is both the progeny and the bane of Werewolves is some pretty freaking awesome Lore.

    For the record - I'm not worrying about programming issues whatsoever. I trust the programmers to tell us if what we're asking is impossible or even just too much to ask, and that's a totally fair reason for the devs to say no to something, but for the most part, I think our job is to brainstorm up wickedly cool ideas that we want to see. I am honestly hoping that each Titan requires at least a little bit of personal programming just for them. Just giving them all boatloads of hitpoints is certainly one way to make them Titans, but if they can each offer you something that you simply cannot have any other way... then... wow.

    (But, y'know, the programmers are indeed welcome to tell me to sit down and shut up. <grin>)

    So; I would cross him with "Huntsman" myths a little more. Make him sneaky (Strategy-board Invisibility), give him a bow that never misses (or something else, but, clearly, something different from Medusa's poisonous bow, as it looks like we're going to do that). I like zdsdead's changing-shape-instead-of-dying angle quite a bit; that's a neat concept that gives him loads of hitpoints without just giving him loads of hitpoints, and it ties him into the lycanthrope Lore interestingly. I think it would be awesome if, instead of just coming with a pair of wolves, he opened up Hunting Wolf Units that could be built in any City owned by the Lord he's connected to -- medium-Tier melee units with a fast movement rate.

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    It's funny jamo, I was just about to point out that this one could be tricky to do right from a coding point of view.

    Let's shelve him for now as a "good idea we can look at a little later".
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