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Thread: Vendral the Eldest

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    I like the idea of a two-headed Dragon... must... resist...urge... to... post... picture.. of... Eborsisk...from Willow...

    Maybe one head spouts Fire and the other Cold damage.

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    Two names would be good.

    Suggestions :-Merloth, Verath, or Baloth.
    Elder Dragon, Grand Chancellor x 2, Conjurer x 2, and some other type of Backer

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    Given where we are, I am a -1 on any Dragon Titan at this time. We already have two heavily Fire-oriented Titans, and I'm sure a Dragon is going to breathe fire, even if it also breathes something else.

    Between that, and Dragons being Summoning's Tier 9, a Dragon Titan feels too redundant to me right now.

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