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Thread: Elemental Titans

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    Elemental Titans

    Alright, the point was raised in another post that we might want to have a Titan that represents each element. I think this is a good idea and we might even want to expand on it. Maybe certain titans only appear in the Prime Material Plane or the plane tied to their element. For instance, Medusa might only appear on the Plane of Earth or the PMP, the Kraken might only appear on the Plane of Water or the PMP. I think this spices up the PMP a bit as well as you'll never know what Titan you may run into there.

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    +1 from me to that idea. It would open up a lot of possibilties and make things even more interesting imo.

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    +1 I love the planes and like anything that adds to the flavor of a plane (including the PMP).

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    +1 for same reasons
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    Yeah keeping some Titans plane-specific would make sense (or else the PMP might get crowded!). Are all titans going to be placed at world creation or just a few chosen at random?

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    this makes encountering titans random without removing them the game via RNG. having to face the same titan over and over is boring, so randomizing it is good, and reducing how much the RNG can affect your game is also good (i know it seems like contradictory objectives, doesn't it?).

    any way +1 from me as well.

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    +1 for the Phoenix being the Fire Titan.
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    Good. We like the idea. We'll work it in the theme
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