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Thread: Phoenix/Thunderbird

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    I wanted to get some +/-1s for the Titan Bird concept. I generally like the idea and there are a number of directions we could go with it.

    So, +/-1?

    Also, feel free to mention any specific titan bird concept you like
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    +1 to concept. I guess the classic phoenix is the obvious choice, but Im waiting to +1 something interestingly different I do like the prehistoric Terror birds, but feel an actual flying bird would be better.
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    I like the idea so I'll +1 the concept. I'll get the ball rolling!-

    The Thunderbird

    Known by many names; Animikii, Nootka, and hundreds of others in innumerable languages and dialects, The Thunderbird is a wild and unpredictable creature, said to be the Mother of a race of giant birds since hunted to extinction.


    As the last of her kind, The Thunderbird is hostile to those that get too close no matter what their intention. Though intelligent, any form of diplomacy of discussion is of no interest to her, even if she understood or cared of mortal languages.


    Like most beasts, she can only be tamed by being broken first. Defeat her in combat and she will be yours to command. Having such a Legendary creature under control gives a large fame bonus to your faction.

    Primary Weapons-

    The Thunderbird is surrounded by an aura of Electrical energy that becomes even more powerful when she flies. She attacks by flying over enemies and raining down bolts of lightening and cracks of thunder upon them, damaging and reducing their ability to fight. She can also fan her huge wings whilst stationary, creating a storm of dust and wind that drives enemy units back.

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    +1 to Phoenix from me.

    Just a quick picture how I would view it:


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    Thinking about it a bit more, I would

    +1 to Thunderbird from War Troll, with Lightning damage if we end up with an Elder Dragon doing fire damage


    +1 to Phoenix instead,with Fire damage, if we dont end up with an Elder Dragon.

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    +1 to the concept.
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    i'll +1 the concept.

    i'll throw out a couple of ideas:
    • attacks have a fire component to them
    • any melee attacks against the titan deal fire damage to the attacking unit
    • if killed during battle a new phoenix is given to the victor

    • as large as a dragon
    • stronger attack than dragon
    • no fire breath or special immunities/abilities
    • faster overland movement than dragon

    the phoenix would be able to be taken from someone that owned it, by defeating the phoenix and it's army. the roc wouldn't, but would lose much if stacked with slower troops (probably all units).

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    On the Roc side of things - there's the Garuda.

    This ancient deity was said to be massive, large enough to block out the sun. ... when Garuda first burst forth from his egg, he appeared as a raging inferno equal to the cosmic conflagration that consumes the world at the end of every age. Frightened, the gods begged him for mercy. Garuda, hearing their plea, reduced himself in size and energy. ... Throughout the Mahabharata, Garuda is invoked as a symbol of impetuous violent force, of speed, and of martial prowess. Powerful warriors advancing rapidly on doomed foes are likened to Garuda swooping down on a serpent.
    Both the phoenix and the roc are permutations of the Garuda myth. Though, in contrast to most of my suggestions so far, it mostly is just BIG.

    ...If we do those water currents, they might offer a start on the programming to say that friendly flying and seafaring Units following after the Garuda (or Roc) get a road-like bonus to their movement in its wake.

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    OK, opinion here seems to support both concepts, lol. The problem is that the elder dragon isn't likely to be firmed up until a little further down the road. I would like us to decide on our bird-titan before that. Now, both of them are good and we might do both. For now, however, let's +1 one or the other.

    +1 Thunderbird (With the lightning and all baby!)
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    +1 to Thunderbird then, since it represents the Element of Air very well.

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