To start with, I have to say I love Krull. As soon as I saw the picture I knew what this guy was all about.

As War Troll put it:


A once-powerful Lord of Titans now confined to his Fortress for siding with the losing faction during an Age-old Civil War. He who once thirsted for Dominance and led innumerable slave armies now sits upon a lonely throne, his Fortress cursed to move between the Planes and perhaps even elsewhere...


Though no longer able to leave his prison of his own volition, wherever the Fortress is bands of Slave Soldiers spill out into the world. Those brave or foolish enough to defeat the guardians of his Fortress and free The Overlord will receive the services of a great destructive force with a heart full of vengeance.


As if defeating an army of slave soldiers wasn't enough, the Fortress of The Overlord fades out of reality after 100 turns. Fail to release him in that time and both him and his fortress will be gone for good. Do so, and he will provide you with treasure as thanks as well as his own service (or perhaps 'agreement' would be more his way of percieving it!)

Primary weapons-

The Overlord uses dread bolts of negative energy to decimate opponents. For close-quarters he uses a Deadly Kris, large enough in his hands to be considered a Great Sword to mortals.

Of course, we can't call his minions “slayers” no matter how bad we want to, lol. We may also want to tweak it in other regards. For instance 100 turns may be too long. Still, it's an interesting concept