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Thread: Lord Balkor

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    Lord Balkor

    OK, to sum this guy up: Demon Titan. I like it. It's simple, clean, and it fits in with what we've got so far. As per our elemental discussion we could have him tied up with the shadow plane. That being the case he should be a demon of death (as opposed to something like the Balrog, which I see as fire). Let's start by getting +1s for the general concept.

    So, super demon banished to the physical world. +1s?
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    +1 to a demon titan.
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    +1 to general concept.
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    +1 to a demon titan

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    OK, so I think we should run with some kind of demon of death or shadow.

    Does anyone want to pitch some possible lore?

    What kind of attacks/special abilities should it have?

    Should it have undead immunities and weaknesses?
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    If it's a demon, it shouldn't have undead immunities and weaknesses unless it's an undead demon.

    For special abilities, how about a nod back to MoM's Demon Lord and give it a tactical summoning ability to call in lesser demons as minions?
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    that sounds good.

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    I think the Summon Lesser Demon ability once per battle would be really cool and a nice tribute back to MoM indeed.
    This have been the original ideas on Lord Balkor i had in the Titan thread:

    Fire Immunity,Death Immunity,Poison Immunity, Holy(Life) Magic weakness, generally immune to non magical weapons.

    Cant fly.

    Lots of HP,good Melee stats, Breath Attack different to Dragons, once per Battle Summon lesser Demon. Causes Fear.

    Getting him requires knowledge in Death or Summoning Magic.

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    I see him as mainly Death,but also Fire based.

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    Lord Balkor

    Lord Balkor can be called the single most evil being that ever walked the world.
    He is an ArchDemon of incredible power, deeply feared even by his own kind, capable of single handledly wrestling down Dragons just through sheer Muscle Power.
    In addition to his huge Size and Muscle Power , he does have a nice arsenal of different special abilites and resistances:
    He is somewhat weak vs Holy Magic but completely immune to all kinds of Fire,Poison and Death Magic, as well as non-magical weapons.
    He has lost his flying abilty long time ago due to the fact that he has grown to oversize and is now too heavy use his wings.
    He does possess several different breath attacks, causes most opponents to flee just by sighting him and is able to summon some lesser breathens of his kind once per battle to help his cause.

    Lord Balkor only can be recruited by SL`s who have some knowledge in either Summoning or Death Magic, or by those that lead the Unhallowed. He is an pretty unreliable ally though, and it was often heard that he got bored of obeying some lesser being and instead proceeded to switch sides and attack his former ally. The chance for this to happen gets siginificant lower for each Magic Circle in Summoning and Death Magic combined that the SL possesses.
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    OK, I generally like that idea. However, I have some tweaks:

    He should fly.
    I love the summon, I don't really dig the breath weapon. Maybe we could give him 1-3 summons.
    His claws need some kind of bonus damage. Fire? Negative Energy? Both?

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    I like the idea of giving it a corrupting aura of shadow and flames that damages creatures near it. I think dual type damage would be an interesting bonus. So attacks do melee + negative +fire damage and the aura provides both concealment and fire/negative damage. Titans are supposed to be powerful after all.

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