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OK, I generally like that idea. However, I have some tweaks:

He should fly.
I love the summon, I don't really dig the breath weapon. Maybe we could give him 1-3 summons.
His claws need some kind of bonus damage. Fire? Negative Energy? Both?

Agree with the tweaks.
Rethinking about it, I think its a must that he can fly...after all he is able to wrestle down a Regular Dragon in Hand to Hand combat

Imo the Summon needs to be a bit better than " just" a Lesser Demon once per battle. We might end up with some non-titanic Demon Lords in the future and for those "summon lesser demon once per battle " would look about right.
So after rethinking it ,to me ,its either "Summon greater Demon" once per battle,or to give him several summons per battle,maybe even different ones and maybe even summon ability outside of battles...

Claws making Fire+ Negative Energy Damage sounds perfect to me.

Regarding Breath Attack, I thought it to be some kind of Negative Energy Breath...but that might already be reserved for the Dracolich anyways.
I like the Idea of giving it some kind of Aura instead of Breath Attack.
That Aura should also inflict Fear imo.