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Thread: Worms And Spiders And Scorpions, Oh My!

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    i am not 100% convinced by the name "Skorpio",but cant come up with a better one myself,so +1 to name.

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    Yeah, Skorpio makes me feel like, I should be shouting something like FOR SPARTA! But I can't think of anything better.

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    Let's think about it over the weekend. If we don't come up with anything else Skorpio is serviceable
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    Skorpio is cute, but it's a little... well, cute.

    Jaekelopterus? (

    Latrielle (after Pierre Latrielle, who first placed Scorpions as an Order of their own... a bit educational as a reference, maybe, but the name is still interesting, and gives us another cultural basis.)

    Sadrafa was a war-god associated with Scorpions; [quote]"Sadrafa, who is given the epithet "Lord of the Whole Earth" on the stele of Maad and is represented at Amrit and Palmyra with scorpions, snakes and lions."

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    Skorpios is just the Greek name for scorpion. Not very exciting, imo.

    Hadrurus is the genus for "giant hairy scorpions." Maybe we can form a name from that, like Hadrus. Or Hadrus Imperator.
    Heterometrus is the genus for "giant forest scorpions." Maybe we can combine the 2 - Hadrumetrus.
    Anuroctonus is a genus of "fatclaw scorpions."

    Vingaroon is the name of the giant whip scorpion. Whip scorpions have an acid spray instead of a stinger.

    Serket/Serqet is the Egyptian Scorpion Goddess. Or Hedetet (older).
    Ishhara - Mesopotamian Scorpion Goddess.
    Chelamma - Hindu Goddess.

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    It's Skorpios from the Greek myth. Scorpius is an alternate spelling. Not Scorpio, though!

    Other cultures-

    • Ishhara (or Ishkhara or Ishara)- Mesopotamian goddess of Love, mother of the seven Sebettu. She was often identified with Ishtar as a fertility goddess. One tradition assigned her to the Semitic grain god Dagan as spouse. Her symbol was the scorpion [1];
    • Chelamma - Hindu goddess of the Southern Karnataka region of India
    • Malinalxochitl - Aztec goddess of snakes, scorpions and insects
    • Hedetet - Egyptian scorpion goddess
    • Ta-Bitjet - Egyptian goddess with anti-venomous secretions, consort to Horus
    • Serket - patron goddess of the Pharaohs and deification of the scorpion

    And Sadrafa as Lintking mentioned. If Skorpios is too similar to the myth then maybe an alteration like Skorpetos or Skorpotet. Think I prefer the simplicity of the original myself.
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    +1 to Malinalxochitl for me! I love the "clicky" feel of it; you can almost feel it coming over a hill, clacking its pinchers at you and rattling the tail threateningly. And maybe we could give it a thematic tie-in with our Myrmidions.

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    -1 to Mailinalxochitll, imo that aztec name doesnt fit to the game setting, also it is already used by a Wizard Lord in Warlock 1..lets not use too many similar names.

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    i like hedetet myself.

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