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Thread: Goody Two-Shoes Titan

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    I certainly see your point. I just have to consider it from a mechanical point of view. And I'm thinking it over.

    And, yes, Glenda the Good Witch could be interesting. She could summon the Lollipop Gang and force enemy champions to follow the yellow brick road, lol. (<- That's a joke.)
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    She could drop houses on any Sorcerer Lords who started on the Eastern half of the map. And have a special Word of Recall that would allow any of your Heroes to go home at any time, but she won't tell them until after they've done a Quest for her.

    I just have to consider it from a mechanical point of view.
    Well, that's a fair point. I really like the idea of Titans being really unique, but that means actual programming ultimately devoted to a single entity, and I know that - especially as we come closer to calling it "Almost Done" - that's asking a lot.

    If more, I mean, complicated, Titans, are too much added programming right now, should we consider starting with a smaller set of `simple' Titans at release, with definite plans to expand them in future DLCs? Not just one big - even "Titanic" - set, but maybe sprinkled into other ones - like the Clockwork Titan might be added in when we get Gnomes and Golems built in as Races.

    ...With that said, though, I would still propose a more peaceful one to start. What about giving her a solid "defensive" stance: perhaps Mnemosyne would protect your home City (possibly coming with a slate of City Enchantments for it, to represent her daughters), but couldn't be sent out to attack others?

    Having a Titan watching over your Fortress all the time would be powerful protection against a whole Victory Condition, so that feels, to me, very worth "getting", and if it also boosts things in what was probably your first, and is therefor usually your best-built, City, that would be pretty awesome; but it gives her a very "protective, non-aggressive" feeling that stands out against the rest, without requiring a lot of special mechanics. She'd probably have a lot of the same basis we're already coding in for some of those spells that summon Guardians for your Cities - we already have Units like that will be available if your City is attacked, but can't be sent out into the countryside.

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    the one i proposed simply fought on the side of those that were attacked so long as they were near enough to him.

    to avoid having a strong military machine snatching up all of the titans i had a bunch of hurdles you had to maintain in order to get him, not the best idea really, but the strongest faction shouldn't become stronger because that would just make things a bit too easy for them (and penalize later or earlier game strats and things that support those strats).

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